Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How To Make Use Of Screen casting Software For Video Marketing

Today with the traditional and portable video cameras, the process of video capturing technology has come a long way already. Now is the time of not just digital cameras, but also the digital tools for video production, which enhances the video marketing strategy for any company. These are known mostly as screencasting software, which if used precisely; would help reap immense benefit in less duration.

What is screencasting?
It is the process of making interactive demonstrative as well as software simulations by the capture of a precise screenshot series; of any software application that is running at the time. Just like any video game, this tool would record all the action of the running application of the software to turn it into a movie format. A screencast here is the recorded movie of each action that a user execute on his system, which could be viewed on his monitor. All of this is supposed to be carried out in the allotted time frame, least some important frame be missed.

Now these peculiar screencasted movies could be very well exported into varieties of formats, such as Windows Media, Flash Videos, MPEG 4 or AVI. This way the screencast can be conveniently distributed on portable devices, such as Smart phones and iPod. This allows for any business marketer to reach out to his potential audience easily, in short time with shorter effort. Another reason that promotes this technique is that these formats are completely supported by most of the mobile devices, while the screencast software can have any screencast edited according to your need. It doesn’t really matter, from where you have procured it and in what format. The software has a plethora of editing tools and formatting tools that can aid in the needful.

What tool would be better for this kind of work?
Movavi develops different tools and software for screencast is one of them. The reason this studio’s products are most preferred is because they have a reputation for providing the most improved tools for the job; which are practical too. Creating any screencast with it would not be tricky or complex at all because it has everything in the simplest manner. Thus it allows for novice creators to make their own screencasts without getting frustrated over the complex process. The tutorials are also comparatively easy that any other software that you may have used for the same purpose, which makes even a first time user, be comfortable with it in few minutes.

Would this be viable for all kind of businesses?
The answer would be yes as well as no because every business has its own kind of peculiar advertising requirements. Thus, mostly big and rapidly expanding businesses may make exponentially good use of this. Small businesses may have to think a bit before adopting this kind of marketing strategy. This is because it takes planning, creativity and perseverance in making anything work; while the same applies in marketing. This kind of marketing may become a bit costly for small business in the long run.

But the bottom-line is that if Movavi is used, then screencasting would be convenient to make.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

that one challenging and difficult song

Let me just quickly update you on our little girl's interest in singing. Although she's not done yet with her all-time favorite Disney theme song "Let It Go", she is now starting to learn a new song that she discovered online and that is Chandelier by Sia. Quite a challenging and difficult song, I must say. In fact, she tried to sing along with this song on youtube over and over so she can get the notes (and hopefully the lyrics) perfectly right; however, it looks like she would do better with custom ear plugs on. With the ear plugs' noise reduction feature, there is a good chance that she can concentrate and won't get lost with the notes. Yeah, I really think that's what she needs to get help improve or develop her singing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

on towards the lucky seventh

In just a few days, marriage with husband will turn 7. Not that long a marriage mileage when compared to other couples, I know, but I am happy to say that, in all those years, life with him and our little girl was awesome. We've also faced all the storms in our life together without fear because we've already rest our worries to our awesome God.

I have been listening to this John Legend song for awhile now and I think I would love for this to be our anniversary song. Why not? "All of Me" is such a great song and I like the entire lyrics. Indeed, love grows each and every day that overlooking one another's imperfections already becomes second nature.

So, here's to our 7 years of being together as a couple:

... And definitely looking forward to the succeeding years towards a lifelong marriage.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jim Carrey's Moving Speech at MUM - Packed with Great Wisdom (and Some Humor)

Here's an even great reason to love Jim Carrey. I actually just came across his touching video tonight, taken while he was delivering a speech to the graduating students of 2014 at a prestigious university (Maharishi University of Management). His speech was really something, huh! Now, I wonder where was I when this video started circulating on the web? Indeed, this man rightfully deserves the recognition, an honorary degree, he received from the university. At one point in my life, I thought he's just one funny celebrity guy that can help erase people's problems (while watching his movies) but there's actually more to him than just being that.

The video, as of this writing, has already reached close to 3 million views. And if you are not one of those who have already watched it, I'm sharing the video of his full speech here. Watching it should be well worth our time.. In fact, I really thought we should keep playing this over and over, if only to make sure that we have allowed his words of wisdom to sink into our subconscious and apply it to our lives. Truly, in this walk through life, we have to take some risks in order to succeed. After all, as the saying goes, and let me quote it in here: "A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for."

Monday, September 22, 2014

looks like the pressure is on us

Upon reaching home, I got excited to show the little girl the printed photo of the 3 of us. I had our family picture printed because she is supposed to do her assignment for tomorrow and that is to paste a picture of her family within the space provided in her Language book. I had it labeled "mother", "father", "daughter" accordingly since, according to her, the teacher verbally instructed to label each member of the family in the picture. At first, she looked really excited to see the photo that she grabbed it quickly from my hand to get a really good view. Suddenly, the happy and excited expression on her face quickly transitioned into a worrisome look. We had to find out why. Almost crying, she said she doesn't want to get a "zero" mark for not being able to provide a picture with a brother or sister in it. I tried to assure her she will not get a "zero" on her assignment because we are only 3 in the family and that she is our only child. Oh, I really hoped she understood me but she was more concerned about her brother-sister assignment. Now, what is that supposed to mean? :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

that one gift that made me smile

Husband and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary next month. Yes, we will be turning 7! It's not that long a marriage yet but I've been really blessed with such a good husband and a wonderful father to our daughter. Every time our wedding anniversary comes near, my thoughts would often go back to our wedding day, like it's almost always in playback mode. Wedding photos are likely to get revisited, too. I wonder if most wives are like that. Or perhaps I'm the only one doing this. Sometimes it would even go as far back to the time that we were still in the boyfriend-girlfriend stage. Ah, things like these can really give a good start of the day. I also remembered some of the wedding gifts I have received from friends and family. I'll never forget one of those gifts from a friend that really made me smile (okay, chuckle should be the right word) - it's  bridal lingerie! She practically gave her gift to me secretly in advance to make sure I'd be able to wear one of them after the wedding. Such a sweet and thoughtful friend, isn't she? :-)
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