blue moments with dipdip

I'm joining the Mommy Moments again! The theme is blue and so I have to use again Dipdip's older pictures because I don't remember if she has anything else blue other than this hand-me-down dress which was already outgrown by the daughter of my first cousin. Anyway, whether she's wearing a brand new dress or a hand me down, anything looks good on her. As the Chinese proverb goes " There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. " *wink*

brownouts or no brownouts

Lately, we've been experiencing power outages. Sometimes, it just gets so irritating when you have some unfinished work to do and some deadlines to meet. But then again, I don't want to allow my frustration to rule over me. In life, there are power outages that we call trials. We hope to be able to face them without fear or frustration. God knows all our needs. He knows what's in our hearts, and all our desires. Therefore, brownouts or no brownouts, I welcome them with love. As my favorite author, Og Mandino, had written - " I will greet this day with love in my heart! " Thank you Lord for all the brownouts so that we may appreciate light! Thank you Oh God for never leaving us...

Music Monday - Defining Moment

Music Monday, here I come! Let me share to you one of the songs that has a huge impact on me. I am referring to this song by NewSong entitled " Defining Moment ". This is a song from their album called Sheltering Tree. This album was on my wish list two or three years ago, I love all of their songs in it. I've been looking everywhere for this album here but I couldn't find it at my favorite record bars. What's your defining moment ? Let us all aim to reach this ultimate defining moment in our lives. NewSong - Defining Moment Found at abmp3 search engine Defining Moment Lyrics There comes a time in every heart a time of real decision When we reach the point of choosing how we will live our lives All our hopes, all our dreams will rise up from that moment The moment we surrender and choose to follow Christ He's been waiting all our lives to hear us say I am yours, Lord, take my hand and lead the way When you believe He's all you nee

mommy moments - color them red

Am I late for Mommy Moments? Yours truly wants to catch up! The theme is all about RED. I love red, they say it is my lucky color. However, I wasn't quite sure why pictures in red are quite limited. So now, I'll have to use old pictures again because I realized that my daughter too didn't have too much of this color. I wouldn't be surprised if hubby doesn't have any red stuff, though. I let her wear red during the reception of her baptism. There goes the red bracelet, too. She was about four months old then. She also has a red rag doll. Well, dipdip is already sleeping now, I forgot to do a photo er video op with her holding this earlier. I like her pose right here so this has to be part of her red moments. Here's another family pic where I wore an old red shirt. I'd like to take the chance to thank my sister-in-law for the new red pair of sandals that she gave me when she was here. I really love it! Somehow she just knew what I wanted. The s

reality check!

"Oh, honey when I die Dress me up in a coat and tie Give my feet a pair of shoes That I haven't worn in a long time Put me in a golden box Not a cross on a pile of rocks Bury me where the grass is green And the gates are shining..." The quoted text above is the chorus to the lyrics from a song entitled " Poor Man's Grave " by a band called the Eraserheads. The melody to this song is so good that I can't help but sing along; however, if I would have to look deeper, it would cause me to think "is it really necessary to have a grand funeral"? I believe it wouldn't matter anymore when we're dead. However, the fact remains that it is important for most families to bury their dead with a decent funeral. It's like a form of last respect for a dead loved one. Personally, I came from a family who didn't have the benefit of a good insurance. I remember when one would get sick, we can't expect dad's insurance

just a hot... hot dog!

[The paragraphs you will read below are from my mommy Diana's journal. Even though she has already joined our Creator, I still feel very much connected to her in many ways, especially because I kept her journals with me. I've always loved her funny and natural way of telling her experiences even though I know that sometimes there are emotional or sad stories behind them, just like this one.. Read on if you are curious. :-)] I was inside a room in a hospital, I wasn't supposed to enter... of course, I can read numbers, have virtually memorized the room I was always visiting and sometimes doing some attendance ... the patient was a dear person in my heart. Naturally, to go back in that room was instinct. I forgot that my patient has insinuated the other day that he will transfer to a very expensive suite 'coz staying there for almost a month was flagellation if he won't transfer. The attending nurse had announced earlier there was now a vacancy on that long coveted

music monday - take me out of the dark

I've been looking for the perfect song for my Music Monday entry. I know a lot of great songs. In fact, everyday I've always experienced a "last song syndrome". However, I don't like what I've been hearing lately - they are always music from politicians' ads on television (didpdip is enjoying them, though). I don't feel too mushy to feature my favorite love songs as well. Thankfully, I bumped into this really beautiful song by Gary Valenciano. It's called Take Me Out Of The Dark. This has been a favorite song of mine ever since this song became a hit. It's been a while since I last heard this song, so when I heard it and read the lyrics again, I can't help my tears from falling. So, I'm sharing this to you now. Hope you'll find a deeper meaning to the song like I always do... Happy listening! Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the actual post link here and grab the code below