on a lighter note...

dipdip and dad's hand Dipdip is now three months old! Wowww, look at how time flies. She used to be too small and fragile to hold, now she's grown taller and bigger each time. Thankfully, she's safe from sore eyes. Before she even turned 3 months, she's already squealing and giggling, and makes a lot of noises as if trying to speak out. I'm one happy and amused mother. Dipdip's usually in a happy mood but I guess, in this picture, this is not one of those usual times. And oh, Sorry, I haven't lost that much weight yet :) More updates soon. I've written thrice in a row already and it's almost twelve midnight, Cinderella would be mad if I would also leave my glass slipper behind. LOL. Tomorrow, I'd definitely go blog hopping. Promise.

the man in the mirror has left

a lot of fans were saddened by the death of MJ. when i first read about it, i was surprised. what?? michael jackson is dead at 50? who wouldn't know michael jackson? i didn't bother to post a picture of him in this post not only because of copyright issues but primarily because i know almost everyone knows michael jackson. anyhow, i also knew pictures of him are only a Google away. i don't usually write so much about celebrities. but MJ's songs have a great impact on me growing up. he's contributed so much to the music industry and there is no question about his talent as a composer, singer and dancer. i really don't know him personally and whatever negative writeups about him as a person, that is not for me to judge. if there's only one song to choose from his many great hits, that would be "Man In The Mirror". I really love the message and the melody of this song. I'm starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his way

father's day 2009

i know i shouldn't miss a post about father's day. i have planned to write a wonderful article about my husband in celebration of this special day but like i mentioned in my previous post, we were so caught up with worries about little pauline and the possibility of her getting the sore eyes from her nanny and so we had to make immediate plan of action and decided to take dipdip to my inlaws. honestly, parenting would be a difficult task without him. just like motherhood, fatherhood is also a full-time job. and it does not only take a day to appreciate what a wonderful father he is to our daughter. i'm sure hubby would be sneaking in to this blog when he's not busy. i'd like to dedicate this post for all the times that he would put off buying something new for himself just so we could prioritize our daughter's needs; for all those nights of staying awake for our daughter; for putting off getting a haircut just so we could be home the earliest possible time for

you'll never know how things turn up...

last week was kind of hectic. or stressful if i may say. dipdip's nanny had sore eyes and i was torn between sending the nanny home and taking over. it would mean being absent from work for days which is not a good option considering that work is expecting that motherhood will not be in conflict with my being an employee. fortunately, problem got solved when my in-laws were kind enough to take care of dipdip for a few days while her nanny tries to recover from conjunctivitis. and so we sent dipdip to stephen's parents. we had to make that sacrifice so that the infection would not be passed on to dipdip. dipdip's now home though. nanny has already recovered. whewww... well, it only took 3 days of maxitrol and she's off the hook. by the way, this is not a paid advertisement and it's really best to get a prescription for sore eyes.

dipdip's progress report

At 2 months+, dipdip has found a new habit of feeding on her fist. She’s like eating fried chicken. She started to do that from the time that she no longer wore any mittens. I don’t know if all babies do this at a certain stage but it’s a habit that I don’t want to tolerate. I know that it wouldn’t be long until she would find thumb sucking even more enjoyable than her fist. I sure hope though she’d skip this stage.

the son of my first cousin

I just have to write briefly about this photo. Dipdip is with her second cousin Luke in this picture. I was wondering how I am related to the son of my first cousin. Some say he can be called my "nephew" but when I googled for the answers, he is my "first cousin, once removed". Hmm, puzzles me, this is the first time I encountered the term "once removed". I'll leave that to the experts in genealogy. Anyhow, Luke is such a sweet little boy. This was the first time he met Dipdip but I think he already had a fondness for her. He even suggested that I wrap her on a blanket so she can sleep well. I'm also impressed with this little guy because he gave me lessons about how babies are formed (as if I didn't know!). He told me everything he learned from a certain educational channel on tv (sperm cell meeting the egg cell.. and I think I heard him say x and y chromosomes, etc.). I was amazed. This child has a future. His parents should be proud of him.

re-thinking our kitchen sink

Living in a low-cost housing has its advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantages are: low amortization and low tax rate. However, in our case, we have to live up to the quality and kind of materials that the contractor has provided to that housing. Naturally, because it's low-cost housing, we can't expect that the materials are of superb quality. Personally, I didn't quite like how our kitchen area is located but what with the limited space, we have to go with however it was constructed. All that's pretty much easier to do is to make some improvements to it. We just have to save up for it. Among other things, we are planning to invest on a sink that's made of stainless steel. It's only been two years since we have moved to the house but our sink pretty much needed to be replaced already. It's not stainless, so the rust forming around it is not a beautiful sight. I dream of getting one of those beautifully designed stainless steel kitchen sinks