Thursday, July 24, 2008

home sweet home

i'm not meant to live alone, turn this house into a home....
here's a look at the house we've acquired through housing loan, payable in 30 years. this is still bare inside and needs a lot of work. for practical reasons, we've already moved to this house even though it's not entirely finished. we can't afford to pay the rent of an apartment while paying monthly amortization at the same time. we will just have to make the improvements as soon as we have saved enough for it. i'm happy to be anywhere else with my husband. now we've got a house to go home to everyday. and we look forward to making all our dreams realized. we're simple beings with simple dreams.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

we braved strong winds...

unaware of typhoon frank to also hit the north of cebu, we rode a bus heading to medellin, cebu where we would be visiting dad and attending the fiesta the day after. me and my husband were on a different adventure. it was quite an experience. it was my first time to be in such a stormy ordeal. this was not anything i have imagined. we were traveling on a reallly bad weather. we rode the 6 p.m. bus going to medellin. normally, it could have only been a three-hour ride with all the stop-overs but the typhoon held us captive in the streets. power and telephone posts gave way. trees fell on the roads and blocked our way. the town officials had to help out and clear the road from those fallen trees. we were praying to God that He would bring us all home safely to our families. it was almost 4 a.m. (can you believe that?) when we got off the bus. we still had to walk a few meters from the guardhouse in order to reach home. there was power blackout. with optimism still residing in us, we thought, at least it was already it.. home is near. what we didn't know was that the old acacia tree and the light post inside the compound also gave way and blocked the road. we were only using the light from my very outdated cellphone. it was a bit funny coz i can no longer hold on to the call of nature and so i decided to answer the call of nature beside the fallen acacia tree. i felt comfortable after that. the next thing i know we were already crawling under the fallen tree so we could get past it. wet clothes, wet shoes. we got home safe, though. no injuries. it felt good to have overcome what we call "obstacles". it wasn't something we have wished to experience but it sure felt good to have surpassed everything. thank you God.

the fiesta was cancelled. it was certainly not a good time to celebrate.

on a sadder note... the ship, Princess of the Stars, owned by Sulpicio Lines, sank in the typhoon and claimed the lives of hundreds of its passengers. why does anything like this have to happen? Act of God or act of man?

Friday, June 20, 2008

desperate but hopeful

i've been waiting for you
i've been expecting you
i guess you just want us
to keep anticipating
i will be happiest to hold you in my arms
sing you beautiful songs
and tell you stories
when will you come?
or will you ever come?

it's not even a year after my marriage but i've already experienced this "baby fever", the sheer wanting to have a baby. sometimes it's quite a disappointment to have several missed periods and negative pregnancy test results. why am i not like some women? i wonder why there are so many unwanted pregnancies out there when there's one hopeful woman out here wanting to conceive? will God deny me the chance to become a mother? we don't know yet. all i know is that i don't have all the time to wait. each year that this dream is not realized, it lessens my chance of becoming one. i'm not getting any younger, ya know. God, please let me be...

boy, did i sound desperate?... must be the rain... Comments, anyone?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don Moen's REVIVAL Concert

Last april 11th, we had the chance to listen to Don Moen's songs live at the U.S.P. Open Grounds in Lahug, Cebu City. It was really a good experience. I can't fully describe how I felt that night but I've been crying for almost the whole run of the concert. Tears of happiness would be a good guess. I felt so happy that I'm sharing this experience with my husband, that we both agreed to buy tickets to the show. Well, I really would have wanted to watch in the front row but I have compromised to buy the general admission tickets since this is more or less out of our budget. Anyways, front row or not, we still felt God's presence that night. I felt so happy and blessed that me and my husband are one in rejoicing and praising God.

just a few musings here and there....

i wrote this one months ago, sorry for the late post... :)


what do i really want to write today? well, you see, work has always been keeping us busy. getting up early. deadlines. work extensions. production output. fear of getting feedbacks from client. definitely trying to keep things in order. whoahh, things could never get as stressful as this. and what do you know, that's not all. there are lots of things that have gotten into my nerves these days. i call these petty annoyances. they're petty but somehow they still get into my nerves. good thing though they don't stay up too long. i always try to get it out of my system right away. there are far more important things to think about, anyway.

when i'm feeling something other than being happy, my husband notices it. i am very transparent. and i couldn't help it. i can't show a smile when something is bothering me. i'm not the frowning type, though. most of the time i put on a happy face. this is why it's easy to know when i'm distracted about something or somebody. that only proves i'm not a hypocrite :) hmm, i can get a little defensive, too.

if there is one song i would need to sing to myself everytime a person gets into my nerves because i find his or her actions or words offensive, it would be a line from the song "Ebony and Ivory" ... "We all know that people are the same wherever we go. There is good and bad in everyone..." this way i am being reminded that i should learn to accept the other person's weaknesses. there is good and bad in everyone. yes, and definitely, i am no exception. as to the extent of the goodness and the bad, well, it doesn't really matter. what matters is that we recognize that we need to change for the better. it's nice to live in perfect harmony. no enemies. no grudges. no stress. no hatred. no guilt. just peace. and freedom.

ah yes.. there is good and bad in everyone... but let's not make this one as an excuse.. we all need to change for the better. and if it takes a frown to get you or me a message, then I guess it needs to show.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

patience meter: ^%$#@@@@&&^%!!!!!!%#!!!!

what is it with some people? why are they not careful with the words they say? a never-ending question. i'm not buying all that personality excuses. if we can't be polite with somebody, might as well shut up. grrrrrr... all that blog i just read today about "annoying people" with all the reasons why they exist in our lives suddenly returns to me.

patience. patience. patience. everything and everyone requires patience. got loads of it, usually; however, don't go beyond my limits coz i'm only human. in the words of natalie imbruglia, "i could sting like a bee, careful how you treat me."

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