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seriously considering a budget hosting service

As you already know, I've already had my own parenting blog. I just bought the new domain name like two weeks ago. Husband and I have been debating over the choice of the domain name because we could never agree on each other's suggestions. It wasn't until I came up with the domain name 'our life as parents' that he finally agreed with me. Thankfully, this domain name was available for registration and so I have quickly registered for the domain name so that I could start writing contents for it for the month of April. As you know, we also argued about the choice of the website's extension - whether it should be a dot com, dot info, dot org, etc. I thought a dot com would give my parenting site more authority but husband wanted to use a dot info because it costs less to have than a dot com. Eventually, he finally gave in. Anyhow, all my sites are still hosted under a free platform but eventually we will see about acquiring a new web hosting service for the new

my own mashka domain

If you've noticed, I just got a new domain! No, I didn't buy it myself. I take credit from my fairy godfriend Jenn Lord . Oh my sweet Lord, thanks for this new domain. Hopefully next year, I will be the one to renew it. Thanks again!See you on your wedding. So it's now with the blogspot removed. If you're wondering why I used joannamashka. It's because was already taken. I could've used walkthroughlife too but it's already taken as well. Then I remembered a good friend of mine Coco who used to call me "Mashka" during high school, a name taken from a character in one of the pocketbooks she came across reading. So it's a combination of Joanne and Mashka, joannamashka. Like you really wanna know the story. Hehehe. Like I really wanna sing right now "I'm nothing special.. in fact, I'm a bit of a bore~~~" And don't ask me how I got meretrisha. I coined it myself. It's definitely not taken