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Monday, April 5, 2010

seriously considering a budget hosting service

As you already know, I've already had my own parenting blog. I just bought the new domain name like two weeks ago. Husband and I have been debating over the choice of the domain name because we could never agree on each other's suggestions. It wasn't until I came up with the domain name 'our life as parents' that he finally agreed with me. Thankfully, this domain name was available for registration and so I have quickly registered for the domain name so that I could start writing contents for it for the month of April. As you know, we also argued about the choice of the website's extension - whether it should be a dot com, dot info, dot org, etc. I thought a dot com would give my parenting site more authority but husband wanted to use a dot info because it costs less to have than a dot com. Eventually, he finally gave in.

Anyhow, all my sites are still hosted under a free platform but eventually we will see about acquiring a new web hosting service for the newer one, depending on the site's performance. I've read that there's a lot more things you can do for your site when it is hosted by a reliable web hosting service. The geeks have recently reviewed a new web hosting service and I'm really glad that they came out with that information on budget hosting because I know this is really something that me and my husband can agree on. :-) So far, we are not complaining about the free platform yet but like I said, we are looking into the possibility of having the newer site hosted under another reliable new web hosting service pretty soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

my own mashka domain

If you've noticed, I just got a new domain! No, I didn't buy it myself. I take credit from my fairy godfriend Jenn Lord. Oh my sweet Lord, thanks for this new domain. Hopefully next year, I will be the one to renew it. Thanks again!See you on your wedding.

So it's now with the blogspot removed. If you're wondering why I used joannamashka. It's because was already taken. I could've used walkthroughlife too but it's already taken as well. Then I remembered a good friend of mine Coco who used to call me "Mashka" during high school, a name taken from a character in one of the pocketbooks she came across reading. So it's a combination of Joanne and Mashka, joannamashka. Like you really wanna know the story. Hehehe. Like I really wanna sing right now "I'm nothing special.. in fact, I'm a bit of a bore~~~"

And don't ask me how I got meretrisha. I coined it myself. It's definitely not taken from the word meretricious. LOL. Please don't even try to look it up on the dictionary, you wouldn't like it.

I miss you all here friends and co-bloggers!

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