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Saturday, February 6, 2010

love love love... or unrequited love?

Okay, this is February; so I guess I should write about love, love, love. Hmmmm, are you feeling mushy? Let's get my fingers typing now. How do I begin to write something about love? Oh well, I got a clearance from my brother to write something about his lovelife. Or should I say the love he never had? Hahaha.

I told him, maybe it wasn't love. Maybe it's an obsession with love. Well, let me kindly just rephrase it--maybe it's an obsession, period. But who are we to judge, anyway?

This younger brother of mine (he is 7 years younger), when it comes to one person, is probably the world's shyest person. Well, torpe would have been the most appropriate word for it but I don't know how to translate that in English. I tried to Google it but I am not satisfied with the translation. But anyhow, he probably had reasons for being so shy about his feelings at that time because he felt he was no fit for her, being just someone who didn't have anything to brag about. That was his perception about himself at that time but if you ask me--he should be proud just by being the person that he was and already is.

Okay, he really didn't tell me much about her except that she's a picture of perfection. She's this someone she calls his "ideal" girl. They do have one common love for sports – that's tennis! She's pretty, intelligent and simple. This girl really has some personality that I would really understand why my bro would fall for her. In fact, I think I was beginning to like her, too--for my brother, I mean.

But I don't know what went wrong--I guess she knew about my brother's feelings but brother dear can't seem to win her heart. Is this a case of unrequited love? Maybe. After all this time, brother J can't seem to move on. He tried to but all his relationships failed because somehow he would unintentionally compare his current gf to this "ideal" girl he couldn't or didn't have. Everytime he would receive a forwarded e-mail message from his "ideal" tennis girl, his heart would leap for joy and then it'd be back to square one—he'd fall all over again, even if they no longer see each other! Now, is he crazy or what? What must he do in order to move on? Or should he really move on? Maybe this is still an unfinished love story. Who knows? Er, what do you think? Hehehe, sometimes I really hate love and its complexities!

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