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Friday, March 29, 2013

a blog sendoff to elder brother

As I am writing this now, my elder brother may still be up on the plane heading to Abu Dhabi. Yes, he is going back to where a job opportunity awaits for him. So many times he tried applying for a job here because he didn't really intend to leave the country again but it seems like he is destined to come back to where he started. With all that he has gone through in this life, I am sure he is a lot wiser now. In fact, before he left, he told me he's going to save money so he can have someone to plant some cacao and lemon seedlings on our late mom's share of the land from our late grandfather. Working abroad is probably not something he sees as a lifetime job. After all, just as life itself, nothing is really permanent when it comes to the world of employment. Nothing is really certain. Thus, I commend him for having thought of collaborating with us siblings to make sure that mom's land will be put to good use one of these days.

A photo with my daughter and her uncle
This blog post comes with a prayer that one day he will reap all the fruits of his hard labor and sacrifice. I pray that he is going to make it BIG one day that he will end up thanking, praising and glorifying God even more for all that he has been through and has become.

Break a leg, brother.

Monday, January 7, 2013

a short visit to my homeland

I thought our trip last year as a family also deserved an entry here. It's been more than two years since I thought of traveling with husband and daughter so I can show them what my homeland looks like; but due to unavoidable circumstances, we kept putting off this trip to San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. It's quite ironic that it took us longer to carry out this travel plan when it will only take us a few hours to get there. Anyway, we finally made that happen in December of last year when I dragged them with me so I could attend our elementary batch reunion.

It took us one year to plan for this reunion but only a few of us showed up...

I'm not really the super sociable type of person but I'm not an introvert one, either. Thus, the idea of meeting up with former classmates in my elementary batch is also something that matters to me. Thus, there's nothing husband could do at that time but support me on this short trip, especially after he learned that I am the president of our batch. Besides, he and daughter haven't been to my hometown; so, they might as well grab the chance to get even just a short glimpse of my hometown, San Carlos City.

I know our one-day stay in the city hailed as the city of the generous people was a little too short to cover all the must-see sights and places; so, hopefully, we could schedule another one- or two-day vacation next time. In fact, I regret not letting them personally see our old rundown house as husband is also interested to see where me and my family used to live.

Anyhow, it's a good thing that we found a perfect place to stay while we were there in San Carlos City. It's called FB Traveller's Inn which is situated at Eco Tourism Highway, Don Juan Subdivision. A motorcab took us there from the port in just a few minutes.

For those who are planning to visit San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, I highly recommend checking in at FB Traveller's Inn because their booking rates are affordable. You'll get the best rooms that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Aside from that, they provide excellent service. Pretty neat place, I should say. 

Because of the lack of time (we needed to catch the 11:30 AM special trip schedule), we only went to Gaisano San Carlos, St. Charles Borromeo church, the public plaza and then at the People's Park. My little girl loved to be at the park; however, we went there at a really imperfect time - the sun was up since it's almost noontime when we got there. Here are just a few pictures of the quick tour.

St. Charles Borromeo Parish

Enjoying her swing and not worried about the scorching heat of the sun
After buying some peanuts at E.R.'s (I just remembered this), I wished we had more timeout we had to leave so can still be accommodated at the ferry. There were lots of passengers since it's almost New Year.
Time to go.. Bye bye, dear native land!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

welcoming another favorite month

October was supposed to be a long month for me but it felt like I haven't had enough of those 31 days. There were things left unaccomplished and personal goals that were not realized but the month has already ended. Good thing, though, there's always another month to make up for it! So, now I am saying hello to November, my birthday month! Hopefully, this month will be a good month for me as I am planning to be a little more productive in all aspects of my life. Hopefully, I'll get to come up with that right balance in everything that I do so that I don't get to sacrifice my health, family and personal life.

Thanks to the 2 holidays last Thursday and Friday, we were able to spend our weekend with dad in Medellin. Husband and I were supposed to go to the Compostela cemetery on November 1st but we couldn't sneak away from our daughter who's been begging to come with us wherever we go; but what with an extremely hot temperature, we decided it's definitely not a good idea to bring her along especially that we're expecting a throng of people honoring their dead. We can't just risk her getting sick afterwards. I'm sure my late mom would understand that I didn't go to the cemetery for this year's All Souls' Day like I used to. Anyway, we really did not forget her since we went to church on November 2nd  and offered a mass and prayers for her and for our other deceased relatives. After the mass, we went back home to get our stuff and pushed through with our Medellin trip. It was a long travel/trip but it was less of an inconvenience because we were seated in an air conditioned Ceres Tours bus. :-)

I thought the November holidays was our chance to visit my dad. After all, I still have a living parent who's also longing for our presence. Well actually, I thought I just have to dwell with the fact now that he missed his granddaughter more than he misses seeing me or his son-in-law. LOL! Kidding aside, I realized that my dad is also getting older. He himself decided not to travel on November 1st to visit the cemetery in Compostela as it was really hard for him to get a ride to the city on special holidays like All Saints' and All Souls' Day. Instead, he went to the cemetery in Medellin to light some candles at the big cross to remember mom and his other deceased loved ones.

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