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Friday, February 12, 2010

Top Ten Things I Slightly Don't Like About Valentine's Day

This one is inspired by Mary's Madness Top Ten list, here are the top ten things I slightly don't like about Valentine's Day!

1. Restaurants Are Filled
Sure Valentine's Day is a time for great dinner dates and all but when all you wanted is to eat at your favorite restaurant and there are no available seats, you might just end up ordering for a takeout and then find yourself celebrating VDay in your home!

2. Valentine's Day is on February 14, Not February 15!
When both of your salaries fall every 15th and 30th of the month and you weren't able to save a portion of your previous month's earnings, you and your partner are off to celebrate it the next day. (Now this solves the problem on list #1).

3. Celebration of Valentine's Day can sometimes be too expensive.
If list #2 is not a problem, you're lucky -- but be prepared to have a fair amount of cash on your wallet. Or at least have a credit card that's not maxed out!

4. Taxis Are In Demand.
When both you and your partner only rely on taxis as the means of transportation, be prepared for your varicose veins to complain! And if you have arthritis, you surely wouldn't look forward to going out on Valentine's Day next year.

5. Love songs and loads of love songs everywhere
Don't you just hate it when you want to hear Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and all they're playing are songs that help you remember all your debts and then fall you right off to sleep?

6. They're Showing Nothing But Mushy Movies
I do love to watch mushy films but not too much of it like they're playing a movie marathon. La la la la la caught in a bad romance~

7. Can't get enough of everything RED!
Don't you just hate it when everywhere you turn, almost everybody is wearing red, including YOU? LOL
(But I would definitely love a glass or two of  red wine)

8. Stores are flooded with flowers and chocolates and you're wondering if you're getting any (hope my husband reads this! Hint hint hint)

9. Hotels and inns are fully booked! Not that we're planning to be there, hahaha.

10. More women get deceived by men and then pharmacies would run out of pregnancy tests next month (Not that it happened to me, LOL)

Do you have a top ten list? Go and make your own now!

An Old Valentine photo of me! Don't you just hate it when you can't go back to this weight? :-)

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