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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Thirty Seconds that Made A Difference

Found this 30-second Coca Cola CEO speech all over the web and across social networking sites.

I thought this is the best speech ever made to inspire each one of us to be efficient in our work so that we don't get to leave behind all the other important aspects of our life.

For many employees out there, the message also boils down to one thing - time management! There are times when some of us can be guilty for goofing around while at work and, as a consequence, we would end up stretching our time and sometimes to the point of not delivering the desired quality and amount of work that is often expected of us. That is not a commendable behavior.

Sometimes, messages like this can give us the best motivation that we need in order to create a good balance in our life in order to end up happy and fulfilled.

Happy Sunday to all. Looking forward to a great week.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

On Haste Being Waste

"Haste makes waste." But why do superiors keep pushing 'SPEED' to their subordinates? Why do some of them care about the quality less than the speed? Well, maintaining a so-so quality with a huge emphasis on speed can bring on good and better income for the company. But the question is, for how long? While this is quite a disappointment for employees who want a touch of perfection in their work, they can't do anything about it but to comply.

Indeed, it makes such a waste to do things in haste. How many times did we try doing things too quickly that we didn't and aren't able to do them well enough and only to find ourselves doing and re-doing it again?

Again and again, because time is gold, we shouldn't do things in haste. We don't want to get stuck doing the same thing because we haven't done it well the first time.

Nothing personal. Just my random thoughts. :-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time Is Gold But...

Why do we take the time to smell the coffee? Why do we take the time to smell the flowers?

Why didn't it say that 'Time is diamond' if we were to emphasize on how precious time really is?

Quite frankly, it is not realistic to think that we have time forever in our hands. In fact, we are catching up on it!

Seriously, time is gold but we don't need to rush. In fact, it means that our time is precious that we need to spend it wisely. Let's not do too much goofing around. Let's not keep doing too much intermission in our lives when we know we've got so many things that are left undone.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

chasing time

i have a pretty good explanation for my long absence in this blogging world. yes, i was again caught up with a lot of things. time management. or the lack of it. it seems like i've been doing a lot of "catching up" lately. i honestly needed a secretary to help me with all my schedules. i guess i'm no longer good with math. i simply cannot do the simple rule of division. somebody please tell me how to divide my time!

to start with, i'm already back at work. oh well, at first i didn't quite like the idea of having to go back to work that soon. what with my baby still needing my time and attention. in fact, an extension of time would have done me a favor, healthwise, but i realized i needed to go back to work so i can also help my husband with all the family expenses. i couldn't believe an infant formula can only last for a week or two. now if only i can store a lot of breast milk for my baby while i am not around. too bad, i don't have that much of a supply. lately, i get to breastfeed her on weekdays during nighttime only. oh my gas! the diapers are also eating up a lot of our budget too! all these milk and diaper expenses could eventually send us to bankruptcy if i didn't agree to go back to work.

even with a nanny to take care of our baby, it seems like we're always in a rush. add to that, hubby is still trying to do better at work. it means having to extend his stay in the office beyond his working hours most of the time and me having to wait on him because we're saving up on gas. i mean on fares (we're riding a motorcycle to get to work and back home). this also means having less time with the baby and baby spending more time with her nanny. oh my! although the baby gets to sleep with us during nighttime, i'm getting worried about the possibility for dip2x to feel more for her nanny than she would for her mom or her dad. this is why we're sending her nanny on two days off so we can spend full-time with dip2x on saturdays and sundays.

as for my postpartum hypertension, im no longer feeling any of its symptoms. i've thrown it all away. down the drain. i'm too busy and happy to even worry about it.

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