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letting go and hopefully getting a good one

No matter how much we would want to hold on to something, we would eventually find ourselves in the "letting go" phase. I'm talking about our sound system at home. It actually belonged to my husband because he bought it during his bachelor days. He said it has huge sentimental value because it took more than a year of saving some money from his salary to be able to buy it. We had pretty good use of it until it was already time to lay it on the side. Just when we needed one so we can have something we can use to train our daughter with her singing, we now no longer have anything to use. Well, not really. We do have a headset that she can use to sing along to a downloaded mp3. However, there are more things that our family can do and appreciate with a high-quality sound system. I initially got worried about the cost if we were to buy one pretty soon but I got pacified when I started comparing prices online. It's good to have more options, isn't it? I guess I'll