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daughter's awesome school performance

Just this month, I was one of those excited moms who want to see their daughter perform for the first time in school. This was on the occasion of the culmination of Buwan ng Wika . I'm sure moms could relate to how I feel when I watched my daughter holding the microphone and hear her sing in front of the audience in school. Although I am already used to hearing her sing at home, it's a different feeling to watch her perform for an audience other than her mom and dad. And even though it was not much of a big audience, somehow I am still proud that I didn't see any hint of stage fright from her. Gradually, I think she's building her confidence. Perhaps it has also helped that there were four of them singing the ' Pilipinas Kong Mahal ' song. What I found a little funny, though, was that she didn't think of sharing the microphone with her classmate, like she was only doing a solo.  I am not also sure if they have rehearsed this. Well, what can you expect from a

perfect pastime with family

Aside from my smile, my guts is highly contagious. At least my husband thinks so. :-) I used to think I couldn't get my husband to sing even in our home karaoke sessions with the family but, as time progressed, I was amazed to find him no longer refusing to sing when asked to do so or whenever he's handed a microphone. In fact, he suggested getting us a good music stand so we can have the look of a singing bar at home. It should be fun, right? By the way, I am also impressed that he already kept in mind the songs and the genre that should be great for his vocal range. Singing, as we know, is really one good form of exercise for the lungs. It is also an activity that creates good bonding for the family and makes any boring day fun, lively and entertaining. I am very happy that this is one of those pastimes that husband, daughter and I can do together.