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a shower of inspiration

One of the things that I like about checking in at hotels or travel inns when you are vacationing is the fact that you are able to find great interior decorating ideas there that you can possibly copy and apply to your home. This can be quite helpful if you  are running out of better ideas in improving your home. If there are particular things in the arrangement of the room that you want to copy in your own home, you can simply take some photos of them so that you can always get back to it when you are ready to give your own room a boost. When we were checked in at FB Traveller's Inn last December, I took some pictures of the room. I also took pictures of their shower accessories in the bathroom. I wonder where they bought them from. I told husband that I'd like to have the same water heater in my shower. We are living in a tropical country but there are times when I'd like to bathe in warmer water especially after having a stressful, tiring day. Thus, a shower system with