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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drama much?

Many times, in this walk through life, our faith in the Lord keeps getting tested. So many trials came our way yet we've always surpassed them. Gradually, one by one, we were able to weather our storms. And while there are still more battles to hurdle, we're going to take it as positively as we can. After all, that's just what makes this life even more exciting and challenging! :-)

We have always known that it's because of God that we're getting help from people at the right time that we needed them. Sometimes, we didn't even have to ask God for these things. Whether these are financial blessings, work opportunities, or some random acts of kindness from people we didn't expect to do them for us, all these just came in perfect timing! This is why nothing worries me that much anymore (although I can't help myself from being emotional sometimes because that's just the way I am). Whatever the future holds – I will keep reminding myself that I should not be shaken and I should not doubt or complain because God is in control. He will guide us to make the right decisions. So, it is only right to seek His guidance and lift everything up to Him. Even if we fail at one point, there may also be a purpose to it. What matters is that we're ready to get up and fight 'til the end.

Drama much? Nah, I'm just writing from the heart. :-)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

here's to all of my friends!

What do we call people
Who are more than just acquaintances
When you can't forget about them
When you smile at the thought of them
When you hope to see them once again
When you wonder how they are after all this time
They are our F R I E N D S
Time, distance and ambitions can separate all of us together
But the mark of a real friendship will always be there...

Note: Friends are not only limited to pictures you can see below... :-)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

your name on the cake

I just have to write about this. I'll write this under 'senti moments' category. It's really true that we feel special when we find our name on a birthday cake. Even though I didn't get to celebrate my actual birthday with a bang, I celebrated post birthdays with my in-laws last December 28 and had my name on a cake! Actually, this was the second time that I celebrated post birthdays with them and we always have a sponsor -- my husband's sister Ruthie! Isn't she sweet? This was actually my second birthday cake with them but I feel a renewed excitement just seeing my name on the cake every year even though the limelight is shared with other names. I guess I am really OA. :-)

So, to all of you out there who probably have no idea what to give to their loved ones on their birthdays, as simple as a birthday cake with their name on it would give them a smile on their faces.

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