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the sendoff

Before my brother flew back to Abu Dhabi, the family dined out together per his request. This is like his sendoff party. It was not our first time to eat at Chika-an restaurant but it was our first time to dine in at their branch in Park Mall, Cebu. We love to eat at Chika-an 's because they serve, among other things, grilled pork, sinigang, lumpia shanghai, chopsuey, and cooked monggo beans (mung beans)!   My all-time favorite is chopsuey! Although we can cook these dishes at home, we needed some ambiance once in a while. Besides, it's one of the neatest places where everybody can meet up because we're already residing in different parts of Cebu. He'll be gone again, huh! Dad looked a little sad right there... We sat outside, too (for posterity's sake) Is there someone missing in the picture? Oh, there she is! We're family... I hope to show MORE pictures but nah, I'll probably post some of them in Facebook one of these days. Or I'll probab