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Monday, January 7, 2013

a short visit to my homeland

I thought our trip last year as a family also deserved an entry here. It's been more than two years since I thought of traveling with husband and daughter so I can show them what my homeland looks like; but due to unavoidable circumstances, we kept putting off this trip to San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. It's quite ironic that it took us longer to carry out this travel plan when it will only take us a few hours to get there. Anyway, we finally made that happen in December of last year when I dragged them with me so I could attend our elementary batch reunion.

It took us one year to plan for this reunion but only a few of us showed up...

I'm not really the super sociable type of person but I'm not an introvert one, either. Thus, the idea of meeting up with former classmates in my elementary batch is also something that matters to me. Thus, there's nothing husband could do at that time but support me on this short trip, especially after he learned that I am the president of our batch. Besides, he and daughter haven't been to my hometown; so, they might as well grab the chance to get even just a short glimpse of my hometown, San Carlos City.

I know our one-day stay in the city hailed as the city of the generous people was a little too short to cover all the must-see sights and places; so, hopefully, we could schedule another one- or two-day vacation next time. In fact, I regret not letting them personally see our old rundown house as husband is also interested to see where me and my family used to live.

Anyhow, it's a good thing that we found a perfect place to stay while we were there in San Carlos City. It's called FB Traveller's Inn which is situated at Eco Tourism Highway, Don Juan Subdivision. A motorcab took us there from the port in just a few minutes.

For those who are planning to visit San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, I highly recommend checking in at FB Traveller's Inn because their booking rates are affordable. You'll get the best rooms that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Aside from that, they provide excellent service. Pretty neat place, I should say. 

Because of the lack of time (we needed to catch the 11:30 AM special trip schedule), we only went to Gaisano San Carlos, St. Charles Borromeo church, the public plaza and then at the People's Park. My little girl loved to be at the park; however, we went there at a really imperfect time - the sun was up since it's almost noontime when we got there. Here are just a few pictures of the quick tour.

St. Charles Borromeo Parish

Enjoying her swing and not worried about the scorching heat of the sun
After buying some peanuts at E.R.'s (I just remembered this), I wished we had more timeout we had to leave so can still be accommodated at the ferry. There were lots of passengers since it's almost New Year.
Time to go.. Bye bye, dear native land!

Monday, October 15, 2012

post-birthday treat, reunion and then some

Another reunion took place on a weekend.

This time, I met up with some of my ex-workmates. Thanks to our friend Jenn who invited us over for her post-birthday treat, we again had the chance to catch up on each other. You see, we were all busy (work, family, lovelife, etc.) that we didn't even think about hanging out for old time's sake. Although there's Facebook, nothing beats having real conversations and seeing friends in the flesh.

To be honest, though, I do have apprehensions about going to reunions like this. Sure, I would love to see them but I knew friends would surely notice how I wasn't able to manage my weight well after entering the motherhood phase. And I was right. One friend didn't think twice about telling me how scared she would be if she had grown to my size after giving birth herself. Ouch! I thought that was a little on the offensive side but, anyway, I thought she only mean well and I was probably getting too sensitive. So, I just pretended not to hear it - the price I had to pay for being plump and overweight. :-)

Anyway, my ever-supportive husband is going to buy me shoes for running soon. I also thought of starving myself. But what to do?  I can't help it - I want to eat when I am hungry or when I'm craving for something. I know I could have done better with my physique or my weight issue after entering my 30s but..... I guess this is something I have to go through - a challenge that is yet to be overcome.

So thankful for the one who took this picture :-)
Overall, I am very happy to see my friends. I only have a few friends and some of them are already missing in action - I do miss them big time but I guess they have decided to move on without keeping in touch.

And the food was great!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

the year that was

Obviously, I've been away from the blogging world for such a long time. :-) It was like I was away for a year (line inspired by Nestea Iced Tea commercial where the cutie guy said "last week was last year!") that I didn't know what to write so I can gracefully welcome myself back. Anyway, there are no alibis explanations this time. Okay, I admit I was busy. Aside from attending to work and health concerns, we (hubby and I) made some decisions that involved our family life. All these things "and more" that I chose not to elaborate yet on this blog have kept me away from doing any blogging updates towards the end of the year.

I thought next time it would be a good and polite idea to leave some sort of a "Hiatus" message so as not to keep all my blogging friends wondering about me. I agree I'm not really good at it but for the sake of New Year's resolution, let me make it up to you next time!

Anyway, December wasn't so bad after all. We did have a Merry Christmas despite the fact that I just can't get past December 20th which was my mom's death anniversary without feeling sad and nostalgic. It's been three years since she left us. Missed her so much! Went to grandmother's and to the cemetery to light candles and bring flowers in her memory.

Another itinerary we had last December involved meeting up with our ex-officemates/friends for our annual December get-together at SM Cebu (Majestic restaurant). Sad to say though that there weren't a lot of us in attendance. Some weren't able to make it to this reunion because there are some conflicts with schedules.

Here we are!
The family turning red!

We exchanged gifts, too!
It was fun to finally catch up with people we've had the pleasure of knowing and working with in the past.

Even my daughter had a lot of fun...

...but after we spent a lot of time chatting and keeping up with everybody else, here's what had become of my daughter...

Caught yawning!
And so it was time to say goodbye...

By the way, I don't claim ownership to any of the pictures here. These were all courtesy of my ex-officemates. Thanks, guys! :-)

Friends, this is my first post for 2011. I just got back from blogging. I'll drop by your blogs later!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

remembering my high school days

i was looking forward to go home with my husband to my native land San Carlos City, Negros Occidental (trivia: this november also, our humble city just celebrated our annual fiesta) to attend our high school alumni homecoming this coming december 13th. i was told about it months earlier, i thought i could come but i guess i have to put long hours of travel aside now that my tummy is getting bigger. i figured it would be a tiring and unpleasant journey for me since i feel like i have to give in to the call of nature most of the time. besides, we need to be extra careful about spending this time around in preparation for our little one.

i really wish i could come and meet all my friends, teachers, classmates and schoolmates that i haven’t seen for ages. colegio de santa rita, my alma mater, i miss you. and thank you for bringing out the best in me.

there’s nothing i can do but to reminisce about my good old high school days. this picture with my high school buddies really brings back good memories. i hope my friends will forgive me for posting this pic in my blog. don't worry guys, they can't recognize you now with this photo. hopefully. :)


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