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turning redundant

I mentioned in my April post about raising puppies or dogs. Well, I didn't forget to write an update about it. After it was vaccinated, we finally had the puppy in our loving care. And yes, we didn't get a shih tzu from father-in-law (that's okay). Instead, it's a mixed breed, an "askal" or a mongrel in other words. However, I must say that this puppy was very much loved and it actually had the opportunity to get cared for by my sister-in-law's Norwegian husband. In fact, he already had this certain attachment to the puppy. The puppy is really adorable but always wants our attention. My husband really cared for the puppy so much that sometimes I would tease him by singing in my own tune and with lyrics and words to the effect that "the puppy is so much luckier than I am because he gets a good bath and attention from him everyday".:-) Anyway, the name of the puppy is Shut Up . Father-in-law gave that name to him. Dipdip, as you can see in the

on raising pets - puppies or dogs

After we lost "Finch", a family dog from my side of the family, when he got bitten by a stray dog and was able to witness him dying, my fascination for pets or dogs started to dwindle. However, about a month ago, hubby had been meaning to have some pets around our house because he wants to develop our little daughter's fondness for animals. He thinks it is a good sign that Dipdip has fondness for stuffed animals. We have also noticed that whenever she sees cats or dogs everytime we are at the in-laws' place, she would instantly scream in delight. So now, I think I look forward to a pet in the family. I got inspired a little more when we saw beautiful puppies for sale online. There are also dogs for sale but we'd like to have us a cuddly puppy so we can raise and let them grow into a beautiful and well behaved dog. Last Saturday, when we were heading home from beach day at Lingay Beach Resort, a furry dog caught my attention because it was sitting on the ch