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you are valuable

Are your problems way too much to handle? I am asking this because many people try to escape their problems by resorting to taking drugs and then ending up being a burden to their family. Problems cannot be solved by overdosing on pills or taking on drugs. However, if at this point, you are already hooked, can't get out of addiction, and realized you need help, your next best move is to find the best drug rehab centers in your area. It is never too late for any person who wants to make the change. At this point, the support of family is needed. Ideally, families should never give up on each other; although, you can never blame them if they do because of the consequences of your misdeeds. It is time to make that 360-degree change by learning to love yourself and by realizing you need help. Life is a gift from God. Therefore, we need to value and use it to help others. Let's not waste nor ruin it.

message of the day

Saw this image with inspiring message on Facebook. Indeed, the world is filled with so many problems - many of which are the consequences of indecision or wrong decisions. However, it is also true that it is through mistakes that we can all  learn from, become better persons and succeed in life. Still, I don't believe that the success we are getting in life can be solely attributed through our own efforts. Ultimately, we owe our success to God so that we may use it according to His will. Sometimes, too, failure and setbacks are God's manifestation of His existence - that we may never  forget that there is a God who can lift us up and help us through life's difficulties. Without  Him in our lives, success is meaningless and ultimate happiness, personal fulfillment and peace can never be achieved.