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Monday, August 10, 2009

my postpartum body

"Feeling fat last nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever." - Nikki Dalton

This is so not true! The nine months thing. At least not for me. I thought after I give birth, I will already lose all of that maternity weight but I was wrong. It's been four months+ after the C-section but I'm still not back in my old clothes. Sometimes it would anger my husband because it takes me longer to get dressed. Why? Because I don't like the woman I see in the mirror. I hated everything she wears. Nothing seems to look good on her.

The mirror is no longer my friend. I hated looking at it. My postpartum body (especially my awful tummy) is just so depressing! Well, I tried not to be depressed. Mind over matter still works. Everytime I feel sad about it, I think about my trophy -- my baby! But it doesn't mean that I wouldn't try losing weight or getting back in shape. It just helps in conditioning my mind to be more PATIENT. Sometimes I even overeat especially when the table is overflowing with food. LOL. It's time to change that attitude. I promised myself I will get out of this weight. I can't stay this way. It sucks! I know I couldn't do it overnight. Losing weight is just a little harder to do. But it can be done.

I wanted to delete this but baby pauline is just so adorable in this picture, I decided to keep it. This will serve as a reminder for me to get back in shape. Or I'll die of depression. :)

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