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Sometimes, when it comes to shopping for shoes, it would take you almost forever to find what you needed from your favorite store. You'd have to consider a lot of things like the design, the quality and the price before you buy. Sometimes, you'd hope for really good deals but you can't find any. If you're not lucky, you would end up not buying anything because the store that you went to didn't have the right size of shoes that you desperately wanted to have. That's quite a shopping dilemma, right? Well, if you don't have the time and the patience to go through all that, then maybe you can use a little online shopping. If you're the online shopper type, as much as possible you would really want to get better deals. How is that possible? I've learned that the use of coupons can give you a few percent off the price on some items. Now I just remembered that when my aunt from New Jersey was here for two weeks to be with grandmother in time for her eigh