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Sunday, January 30, 2011

new year, new life!

There's really no stopping January to end soon. Yay, Valentine's Day month, almost! So now I need to get out of this blogging hiatus fast and catch up with my last two posts for January. By the way, my rock star brother turned supervisor celebrated his birthday on the 26th while a DG BFF is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday to the both of you, J and J!

I promised myself to devote a post for my New Year's resolution before January ends. I've written this last year but I still haven't executed some of them. I had this saved in our computer so I think my husband had been all over this list and probably laughing, too, because there are just some of them that I couldn't bring myself to start doing. My analysis? If it's anything related to doing something for myself, it would seem like, procrastination is my best friend. Oh, I hope not!

Okay, I really don't want to come up with too lengthy post about me and my New Year's resolution. :-) I'd probably just mention some parts on the list that I really want done consistently and regularly this year and moving forward:

1. To read the Bible "regularly", at least one chapter a day, for my spiritual nourishment. I already started doing this last year but I slipped again because I got caught up with a lot of things. Sorry, Lord!

2. Re-think on my diet, exercise and lose weight. Again and again and again. My oh my, how can I get out of this weight when I have broken all rules of diet and exercise? Time to review my friends' advice on losing weight. Hmmm, I've been reading FB status updates from friends doing Zumba fitness. I wonder what that looks like. Is it really effective? Hmmm, will google in a bit!

Was on dinner date with hubby. In fairness, I chose vegetables!
3. Get hair fixed. They say our hair is our crowning glory but in my case, I could get dethroned for it. Even my sister calls it "Chaka!" Trust me, you wouldn't want a "Chaka" hair. But my husband doesn't mind the Chaka, as long I don't spend too much to get it done. LOL. Go figure! :-)

Hair is one of my weak points.

Those are just three things on my resolution list. I hope to add more to this post but this will have to do for now. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i'll make 2010 a great year for me and my family

what can i say? i've been gone for quite some time and you already are probably used to it that you hardly noticed my absence!

just to make a quick update-- last year had been a very busy year. it may sound like a template for a good alibi but that's the truth. i'm still adjusting to this work at home stuff and everything else in between minus the blogging. for a while i had been thinking if keeping a personal blog would somehow make me less of a work at home employee that i didn't realize that i have actually deprived myself from doing what i love to do for my very own personal satisfaction. personal blogging is a hobby i cannot afford to dismiss; so, i'd like to welcome myself back to this blogging world.

and if it's not yet too late to write down my new year's resolution~~

i'll make 2010 a great year for me and my family!

how? i'll just share my thoughts on my future post. no, it's not procrastination. it's suspense. :-) just let me catch some time to gather all my thoughts because i just thought about it today. LOL

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