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just another moving story

Stephen and I were still lovers when we found this place but the developer knew we will be wed in a few months' time and so they had actually allowed us to sign a housing loan agreement with them even though I have yet to sign it myself first as a single person. This house is like a "rent-to-own" house. It's funny because it is payable in 30 years. We will be like 60+ years old then. Only God knows if we're going to live that long but we're also dreaming of winning in the lotto so that we can be able to pay it all up earlier in our lifetime. Now I'm thinking, how do we win any lotto if we didn't even buy tickets for it? Well, it's been two years of renting to own; so there's still twenty-eight more years to go! We've learned to love this place, so we really hoped this can become "officially" our own. If only Oprah can bump into this post and then make this dream come true. Oh, Oprah, you found Charice, how about finding this pos