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looking forward to the next climb

One of the things we did in the later part of last year was to go mountain trekking. It was an itinerary we had to do with family and relatives so  we can check out the status of our late grandfather's hectares of land there. In other words, it was our chance to see and appreciate what our late grandpa had left as a legacy for the family. For someone like me who isn't used to climbing mountains, I would say that it was really quite an adventure. It was tiring but fun. As for husband, he said he would have enjoyed the activity even more if he wasn't wearing slippers. Indeed, it was a lesson he learned later - that it's better to put on the right footwear when you're going to the mountain. That is really something I would have to agree on. I told him that the next time we pay grandpa's land a visit, he shouldn't be wearing slippers. I thought a pair of Lowa Trekker Boots or anything like it would be perfect for him to use. Thankfully, my aunt left her pair o