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another reason to get motivated (i won!)

Here's another reason to get motivated. The results are already in and I am one of the winners to the Make A Wish Blog Contest! There were really a lot of beautiful entries to the contest that I am already happy that my entry landed on the third place. I can't wait to tell Joevilyn and my batchmates about this win! Thanks to blankPixels and her generous sponsors for this wonderful contest! P.S. I thought my post should already end right there.. But there are more words to say---- Last time, I actually bumped into Lemski's entry to the Make A Wish Blog Contest and I was touched that she actually wished for me to win the contest. To me, that sure was a winning entry. :-) Thank you, Lemski!!!!

wishing for someone else

The pretty girl in the picture is Joevilyn. She is a classmate back in high school. I haven't seen her since we've moved here to Cebu (I'm a native of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental). Thanks to technology, we've been reunited through Facebook and SMS. I learned later that she's been diagnosed with Lupus disease, with a secondary kidney failure. I remembered that our late President Ferdinand Marcos also suffered from this disease which had caused his death (if I'm not mistaken). She's had this disease since 2002. With this disease, she has to undergo dialysis and injection twice a month. With the help of her family who also solicited some help from friends and from The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes, she was able to carry on with her tests, medications, dialysis, etc. She had asked help from me as well. She had asked if I can sponsor her for one session of dialysis and injection. God knows I wanted to help her but we barely have anything left after taki