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how about lights for home improvement?

Have you been thinking about doing some home improvement lately, hoping to get more inspiration from the sight of a beautiful home? If you ask me, a well-lighted home is a very good home improvement in itself. In fact, I just happened to know one person in the neighborhood who is also practically doing this for additional income. He can really do wonders in your home just by changing and picking the right lights according to your preference. If you can't decide what's best for your personality or your home, he can also do it and come up with a lot of options for you. If you don't want to repaint the entire house for lack of time and you want to make a good impression on your upcoming guest, you can definitely do the trick by playing with the lights and perhaps by also re-arranging the furniture a little bit. Man, you have to meet this neighbor of ours. Very recently, I saw the pictures he posted on Facebook and I shared them on my wall/timeline. A friend of mine saw them an

a shower of inspiration

One of the things that I like about checking in at hotels or travel inns when you are vacationing is the fact that you are able to find great interior decorating ideas there that you can possibly copy and apply to your home. This can be quite helpful if you  are running out of better ideas in improving your home. If there are particular things in the arrangement of the room that you want to copy in your own home, you can simply take some photos of them so that you can always get back to it when you are ready to give your own room a boost. When we were checked in at FB Traveller's Inn last December, I took some pictures of the room. I also took pictures of their shower accessories in the bathroom. I wonder where they bought them from. I told husband that I'd like to have the same water heater in my shower. We are living in a tropical country but there are times when I'd like to bathe in warmer water especially after having a stressful, tiring day. Thus, a shower system with

home improvement ideas with toddler in the house

I told my husband maybe it is about time that we would agree to a home makeover because the house looked almost too boring already. It’s been three years now since we moved here but it seems like we still haven’t done much to get past its vintage look. :-) Anyway, it’s not like I am insisting for a total makeover all at once. I just want to make a few little changes at least twice a year. It probably wouldn't hurt our budget if we would just spare some amount every payday for a home improvement project. Perhaps, we can start painting those vintage looking walls with odorless paint. Then we can probably add hanging cabinets so we can already have proper place of storage for some of the wedding gifts we have received three years ago. Most of our gifts were just collecting dusts in storage boxes and these boxes are just simply eating up a lot of space in the other room upstairs. I’m really all about saving some spaces in the house and put them to good use. In fact, I’d like to be abl

basement check

What are your reasons for having a basement in the house? Well, we don't have a basement constructed in our house but if you ask me, here are some probable reasons for having a basement: 1) You need some neat place to store some stuffs you won't be needing for a long time. For example, this can be a good place to store some of your belongings, like wedding gifts and some old furniture that don't have any more place in the key parts of the house. 2) For some people, they would make an extra bedroom right on the basement so they can accommodate some of their relatives for a sleepover. 3) Some would also create a basement because they want to have a place to go to if they want to have some peace and quiet to themselves. 4) Sometimes, the basement can also serve as a hideaway wherein one can make a secret passage leading to the basement in case a threat of danger is approaching. If you have reasons for having a basement in the home, you should also consider Waterproof

re-thinking our kitchen sink

Living in a low-cost housing has its advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantages are: low amortization and low tax rate. However, in our case, we have to live up to the quality and kind of materials that the contractor has provided to that housing. Naturally, because it's low-cost housing, we can't expect that the materials are of superb quality. Personally, I didn't quite like how our kitchen area is located but what with the limited space, we have to go with however it was constructed. All that's pretty much easier to do is to make some improvements to it. We just have to save up for it. Among other things, we are planning to invest on a sink that's made of stainless steel. It's only been two years since we have moved to the house but our sink pretty much needed to be replaced already. It's not stainless, so the rust forming around it is not a beautiful sight. I dream of getting one of those beautifully designed stainless steel kitchen sinks

rural yet urbane

About three months ago, we bought a beautiful furniture set made of bamboo logs. I fell in love with its design that we didn’t push through with the plan of buying the sofa set that we saw at the mall. It saved us a few bucks! It gives a rural yet urbane appeal to our simple concrete house. You’d be amazed just how much love and effort a simple furniture maker puts into his small business of making beautiful furniture out of simple bamboo logs. He didn’t even use high-tech equipments, just his skillful hands. It was not until I bumped into this interesting furniture website that I realized that the furniture set I bought was called a “rustic furniture”. All the things we learn every single day. Yes, I’m proud to say that I own a “rustic furniture” as this type of furniture never goes out of style.