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the heavenly project

It's  funny how dropping some EC's have led me to read some misunderstandings over the Internet and then eventually led me to do a little charity work. I say " little " because I wished it was within my means to have given more for a wonderful cause. I have realized that somehow something good came out from some arguments over the Internet. :-) I just  followed their stories and felt a little sad about how things went with them the past week or so. Anyway, like I said, if there was anything good that resulted from following some stories, it was because I have bumped into a post about the homeless widow and three children . I got touched by the story and wanted to pitch in some help. I know my donation was just a little amount but it was sincerely given from the heart. Well, they say the house was not fully made up yet. So, if anyone is curious about the " Heavenly Project " and its updates, just click right through this beautiful blinking badge and you wil