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Monday, June 7, 2010

on hardware and hardships

What a title, hahaha!

Well, we just hit the hardware store today. My handyman husband wanted to change the oil of his motorcycle but he didn't have the tool to loosen its drain plug. Well, he desperately wanted to buy a whole set of wrench tools but we ended up buying only a piece of closed end wrench. It was so tempting to swipe the credit card to buy the whole set for him - after all, I really wanted him to have what he wished for especially because Father's Day is almost near but he didn't want me to do that because it's not really necessary to buy at the moment. When her sister was here, she gave him a monetary gift so he can buy himself some tools but my daughter almost ran out of milk and diapers and we're short of cash at that time, so off the money went to the baby's needs instead.

Now, I remember my uncle N when he said he just can't understand why many of us (including himself) would want to get married and end up having a hard time managing our finances. Well, I believe that even if you're single you'd still go through financial hardships, anyway. And if you ask me, married life is so wonderful. No amount of hardship can be so hard to face and solve when you're sharing it together, right? I also believe in the saying that "These too shall pass." Anyway, so much for these thoughts. I really hope I can save some blogging money so I can surprise hubby this month.

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