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We are already entering the month of September. In less than two months from now, it's already Halloween! Let the countdown begin. It's funny that I am writing about this now. During my younger days, there's always this Halloween disco party that we would look forward to attend so we can show up in different costumes. The most unique and the best costume gets to receive a prize. The disco house would look scary with a coffin displayed together with the cobwebs effect and people dancing but looking like witches and vampires. Nowadays, Halloween reminds me of kids running around in various costumes. I usually see them with their parents in the mall. They would happily bring around their baskets for a trick or treat. Oh, you would see the happy look on their faces when they have a lot of candies inside their baskets. Incidentally, I just bumped into this great website which features a lot of wonderful Halloween costumes for all ages. I was just amazed at how this website is s