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Sunday, November 25, 2012

she will be missed dearly

Some three months ago, our Tita Sarah (my late mom's elder sister) passed away after more than 3 years of battling with the big C. For some personal reason, I earlier decided I wouldn't blog about death anymore but today, I am breaking my rule as we are again losing another special person in the family - our grandmother! I know she has lived even longer than my mom and my aunt (she was 88 years old) who already went ahead of her but still it's a sad passing for we weren't expecting she'd be gone last Thursday. Even though I wasn't able to visit her as often as I would have wanted to, I have also thought of her fondly. Hopefully, if she will be able to see our situation up close now, I'm sure grandmother will understand.

Truly, I will miss her. Thanks to her, I had a mom who was just as caring, as  thoughtful, and as wonderful as she. Even though her memory would fail her already, her sweetness was already part of her nature that it wouldn't be such an effort for her to accommodate anyone who comes to my aunt's house to visit her. She would insist that you take some snacks or anything she had prepared even if you would say you've already eaten. She can also sense when something's wrong or when you're troubled. Even when she 's tired and could use some sleep/rest, she will always find time to accommodate and to talk to any of her family visiting the house. She's been the sweetest, most caring and loving Lola during her lifetime. I will always remember her like this.

We love you lola! Hopefully, I am not going to cry that you're gone because death is a reality for all of us and you are just going ahead. More importantly, I also know that you are already in a better place now.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

conversation with grandma

My brother McAldz has been working in Abu Dhabi for almost 3 years now. Even though he's got a job there, it's not a job which afforded him some luxury, which explains why he would hardly make overseas calls to us. On one special occasion, he thought of calling our grandmother to check on her. He thought it would be a beautiful conversation with grandma considering that it had been a long time since they caught up on each other. However, instead of getting a good greeting from the other end of the line, he didn't expect to hear an angry voice.

Grandma: Wa ko nalipay sa imong gibuhat!
(Translation: I am not happy with what you did!)
McAldz (puzzled): Ngano man 'la, unsa diay akong gibuhat?
(Translation: Lola, why, what did I do?)
Grandma: Nganong karon pa man ka kahuna huna ug tawag nako?
(Translation: Why have you thought of calling me only today?)

LOL. I really found it funny when brother relayed this to me because he really thought he did a really major offense! Well, come to think of it, our elders are sensitive when it comes to affection and they would really appreciate our thoughtfulness. So, I guess, brother really did a major offense. And the rest of her grandchildren who forgets to find time to call her are guilty as well. :-)

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