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the son of my first cousin

I just have to write briefly about this photo. Dipdip is with her second cousin Luke in this picture. I was wondering how I am related to the son of my first cousin. Some say he can be called my "nephew" but when I googled for the answers, he is my "first cousin, once removed". Hmm, puzzles me, this is the first time I encountered the term "once removed". I'll leave that to the experts in genealogy. Anyhow, Luke is such a sweet little boy. This was the first time he met Dipdip but I think he already had a fondness for her. He even suggested that I wrap her on a blanket so she can sleep well. I'm also impressed with this little guy because he gave me lessons about how babies are formed (as if I didn't know!). He told me everything he learned from a certain educational channel on tv (sperm cell meeting the egg cell.. and I think I heard him say x and y chromosomes, etc.). I was amazed. This child has a future. His parents should be proud of him.