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Monday, October 17, 2011

financial matters

Lately, we have been getting a lot of calls from representatives of different banks. Some of them wanted to talk to me while the others wanted to talk to my husband. I wonder where they got our names and telephone number. Perhaps they got it from a telephone directory or from the bills that were sent to us. It could be from raffle coupon forms that we have religiously filled up at the malls hoping we would get lucky. Could it be possible that some establishments would sell customer information to these banks? Anyway, these bank representatives were calling us for one purpose; and that is to tell us that we are qualified to avail of personal loans. Personally, I was really surprised how confident they were to offer us this type of loan when they do not even know yet if we are capable of paying them back.

To be really honest, it looks really tempting to avail of a loan because we could use it for house improvement and other important things. To rely on our salaries from working online wouldn’t be enough to carry out these projects. I told my husband that it would probably take forever for us to accomplish our plans. However, he would be quick to remind me that we are not in a race to become rich. He said that we would rather live a happy and simple life than end up burdened with unnecessary debts which could potentially take a toll on our relationship. I couldn’t agree more. I would probably consider getting a loan if the money would be used for business.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

home improvement ideas with toddler in the house

I told my husband maybe it is about time that we would agree to a home makeover because the house looked almost too boring already. It’s been three years now since we moved here but it seems like we still haven’t done much to get past its vintage look. :-)

Anyway, it’s not like I am insisting for a total makeover all at once. I just want to make a few little changes at least twice a year. It probably wouldn't hurt our budget if we would just spare some amount every payday for a home improvement project. Perhaps, we can start painting those vintage looking walls with odorless paint. Then we can probably add hanging cabinets so we can already have proper place of storage for some of the wedding gifts we have received three years ago. Most of our gifts were just collecting dusts in storage boxes and these boxes are just simply eating up a lot of space in the other room upstairs. I’m really all about saving some spaces in the house and put them to good use. In fact, I’d like to be able to put our picture frames and some of our collectibles in one organized place - in one corner of our living room, perhaps. I thought it would be great to have one of those beautifully designed etagere corner shelves. With a toddler around the house, though, I’m not sure if adding such piece of furniture to place all our neat stuff is a grand idea. My little girl always wants to grab anything that's within her reach. Somehow, aside from budget, child-proofing can sometimes get in the way with implementing home improvement ideas.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

on a more serious note...

Did you remember how you vowed to your spouse to be with each other "for richer or for poorer", etc., during your wedding day? I don't know how many recessions and financial difficulties we will be experiencing together but hubby and I have promised to hold on to that promise, no matter what.

Looking back, we were really in a tough financial situation when hubby temporarily lost his job because of the recession. Even though the company gave them their retrenchment benefit, still it wasn't enough for our future expenses considering that I was pregnant at that time and almost due for delivery. We really need to prepare for the future expenses especially for the baby's needs. There's also the need for house improvement since we need to construct rooms for it. Good thing that hubby's life insurance has the benefit of personal loans which really helped us a lot to get through our financial woes.

Loans are not that bad at all, if availed for the right purpose. I'm really thankful for these financial institutions. Without them, we could have gone to money lenders which offer loans with very high interest rates. For now, we are still paying the loan at an affordable interest rate.

It really pays to save for the rainy days, especially in these trying times. It's better to have a little amount saved than none at all before financial problems strike. We are now contemplating on augmenting our income for our baby's future since relying on the salary alone is not enough because our baby's needs are increasing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

monitoring bank rates

Stopping by for some thoughts on Economics. Investing some of your money may be the best way to fight economic recession. There are several ways to invest-- you can put up your own business, invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, or in products offered by banks. If you choose to invest in banks,it is better to do some research especially on the risks involved and the rates they are offering before handing over your hard earned money to them. If you're interested in investing on certificate of deposits, for instance, it is really wise to monitor and check on the best CD Rates offered by different banks.

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