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feeling bad for the plight of Bohol and inhabitants

It's so sad to watch Bohol getting destructed because of the October 15 earthquake. You see, husband and I have long been planning for a Bohol escapade with our little girl. I know it's not too far away from Cebu but we can't just visit this place out of the blue without saving up money. No matter how long or short the planned trip or vacation, it should be wise to do that when your budget for other family expenses will not be affected. We thought we should be ready for a vacation some time this year - perhaps in time for our sixth year wedding anniversary, husband's birthday or my birthday. It's just so sad that this is not going to happen this year. Taken from my sister-in-law's album, here's a picture of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol that I have been looking forward to see with my own naked eyes: I also thought it would be nice to dine and sail (and appreciate nature) in a Floating Restaurant and getting serenaded by their own native and talented si