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Monday, March 9, 2009

here's another pregnancy update

Since I’m getting closer to my D-day, I’ve been seeing my ob gyne every week. If I remember it right, this weekly pre-natal visit started when I hit my eighth month. During the first few weeks of my visit, ob gyne just did some routine check—measuring the size of my belly and checking on the baby’s heartbeat via Doppler. What else is new? I've been getting my usual verbal reminding from ob gyne about my almost uncontrollable appetite. Like a recorder, she’s been constantly telling me to eat in small meals and that I should stop eating before I feel “full”. Oh, I don’t know why, I don’t have special cravings for a certain food like most pregnant women but I believe I have a crazy appetite. If I should get pregnant again, I will no longer submit to my appetite, no more overeating. It’s such a struggle when you’re pregnant and putting on too much weight. It’s an excruciating experience especially during the later weeks of pregnancy. Why? First, it’s harder to get up with a really bloated stomach. Second, putting on a lot of weight puts a lot of pressure on your legs; makes it harder and more painful and tiring to walk. Third, you definitely wouldn’t want to hear “I-told-you-so” from your husband. Fourth, because of that extra weight, you get a lot more of that awful stretch marks and varicose veins. Fifth, they say, it’s harder to go on normal labor when you put on too much weight, especially if the baby inside your womb has grown bigger. Well, good luck to me! I believe I’m still not overweight at 136 pounds. What do you think? I expect to grow a few pounds more on my next visit, though.

Yesterday’s visit was a little terrifying. Ob gyne performed her first internal examination on me. Yes, with a sterilized glove, she inserted two fingers inside my vagina and up towards my cervix. I said it was terrifying because, although I had known a week earlier that I’d go through this on my next visit, I didn’t know it was painful. I also didn’t expect that her fingers would go deeper towards my cervix. All right, it wasn’t really too painful, just tolerably painful. Well, I thought I’d better get used to it. I’m expecting that I’d go through this again. Hmmm, just right now, I remembered my experience with the transvaginal ultrasound. All the things women had to go through to ensure a healthier and well-monitored pregnancy!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

An ULTRAsound Experience

I was on my third month of pregnancy when ob gyne recommended me to have a transvaginal ultrasound. I told her that I needed proof of this pregnancy for my early SSS maternity notification. Doppler can’t still recognize the baby’s heartbeat yet, my baby is still shy :). So there you go, to keep my inexperienced self from worrying about what’s going on inside my womb, I decided I’ve got to get this transv ultrasound done. I’ve been having qualms about it because I know it’s going to be real awkward. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My helpless self couldn’t believe I’d go through this. I know that in some countries, this is already part of their prenatal procedure but I really couldn’t help being uncomfortable with it. Nonetheless, I said to myself, I shouldn’t be afraid or be uneasy with it. I’ll probably have more of this uneasy feeling as my pregnancy progresses, especially when the big day comes when I would bring this baby out to this world.

My ob gyne referred me to a clinic where I would undergo the transv ultrasound. I thought of backing off because I learned that the doctor in charge (radiologist) is a MALE! I told hubby it would be even more awkward to do this but he just laughed at me because he knew I would still do it, anyway. The radiologist must have sensed my awkwardness to this procedure that he said it would be okay to have my husband come with me to the examination room. I even asked him if I would feel pain during the procedure and he answered with a smile, "No, you're already married." If we might call it a lucky day, he had a female assistant insert the what-looks-like-a-rod (they call “transducer”) with a condom that has lubricated gel on it. At least he didn’t see my private me :)

And so, here’s the happy part, I forgot all about being uncomfortable even when he took hold of the transducer and navigated the stuff to take some images of my uterus and ovaries. It was indeed a magical thing to see a small-sized head in the monitor. Hubby had a great smile on his face when he saw that a small and real life is doing okay in my womb.

Whew, it was indeed an awkward but cool experience. :)

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