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Friday, January 29, 2010

it's my sister's turn to get blogged

Meet my sister Jemjem. She's a call center agent. But did you know that when she was eight, she already had some potential? Little did we know she had the makings of a call center agent. Hehehe, what was I trying to say? LOL, just like my brother Jason, she's in mom's journal, too. Read on below what was written about her. :-)

Poster Memory

My 16 yr. old daughter's door has a poster that says "Everytime I finally get it all together, I forget where I put it!"

I do not know this line could be used by my 8 yr. old daughter [Jemjem]. She has memorized this since it is pasted in front of the door opposite our dining table. Everytime she eats, she gets the chance to read this and has committed it to memory without really trying.

Finally, she has used this line when her balikbayan cousin, a U.S. citizen, has asked her questions which she do not know how to answer fluently in English. When this 2-yr old girl asked her, "Where's my magic spring? I wanna use it!", etc.

Since she learnt only few English where she can readily answer without stammering, she just answered, "Everytime I finally get it all together, I forget where I put it!"

When all of us heard it, we laughed because we knew it's not from her original thoughts yet it rightly answered the query. :-)
                             - Lifted from Mommy Diana's Journal of Happy Moments

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the prequel to the writer and the pen

When it comes to my mom, I will never run out of stories to tell even when she is now already with the Lord. We got along very well except for those tiny things like using her pens and losing them eventually that it would really send her irate.

I know mom wouldn't mind if I share what she had written on her journal because she was supposed to have this one published.

by Mommy Diana

I was folding my eldest daughter's clothings when I noticed a two-year old diary.

I have 2 feelings when I saw it: One, is to read it out of curiosity ; the other is to ignore it as something trivial or inane. Then a thought came as suddenly as I was about to set it aside, that of knowing how I rated with her as a mother, either she loves me or hates me. As a full-time wife and mother, I thought I could read something flattering that could encourage me to do better than before if not my best.

As I was scanning the pages which are of value to me, I finally ran my fingers on a page that hit me like a nail right on the head. It says: "Mom, why did you read this? This is my diary! You get angry at once when anyone gets your ball pen! Your sh*t ball pen! My classmates said their mom will lend theirs while you will never allow anyone to touch yours! I should borrow it without your permission. This morning you're very angry.. I took your sh*t ball pen! And... you're holding my diary!"

Naturally, I closed the diary but I have less feeling of guilt coz this was 1992 and it's 1994. She was pressuming without doubt I read it before. If this is bread, this is stale and it can't sting... her words.

So I told my daughter I've read her diary and I explained to her why God took away paradise from Adam and Eve after taking just one apple of disobedience. This made her laugh.

Everytime I would open her "journal of happy moments", I can't help but smile because there are memories written there. When it's something written about me, I just smile. I will always be a proud daughter of mommy. I thank her for teaching me all the wonderful values in life.

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