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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

how are you holding up?

After giving birth, I must confess that some things are happening with my body that I have very little to no control of. Among other things, it seemed like my bladder could not always do its part of holding up urine a little longer than it used to. I am talking about urinary incontinence. I thought incontinence can only be experienced by the elderly or those that are already past their retirement age but I was wrong. I didn't even think that a laughter can trigger a flow from my bladder. This actually bothered me for awhile but after a few reads on the Internet and after a word from a doctor (especially), I was somehow appeased.

To be honest, my urinary incontinence experience came to a point that I had to rely on these diapers and nappies for adults for awhile but after following a few exercises (Kegel exercises) that can help strengthen the muscles in my pelvic area, I was able to manage it well. Of course, it was not like I have totally dealt with it or gotten rid of it completely because there are still times (although not very often) that I would get a surprise flow when I find something too amusing and can't control my laughter. That's when these diapers or nappies can come in really handy. I realized I might as well wear one especially when I know I would be engaged in a fun conversation with friends during parties or when I would go on a long travel. How about you? How are you holding up? :-)

By the way, I also find these disposable ones helpful especially during heavier days of my period. There is this feeling of security on my part when I use them during Day 2 of my period instead of my regular pads. Ooopps, that was supposed to be a secret!:-)

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