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Friday, November 12, 2010

favorite sponsor's post: georyl now on spotlight

If you have visited here via Entrecard, you might have noticed or read one review that says nice words about me. Those words actually came from Gee of Georyl dot com back when she was still blogging as the twitterer. That's where I have come to know her first. Right now, I even got to know her better when she decided to focus on blogging with her heart.

Would you like to know the best post that I loved reading from Gee/Georyl?
Well, personally, I love the words she has recently written about me on the occasion of my birthday in her blog. Below are excerpts from that post that I'd like to keep as a sort of memento on my blog:

Coming from someone who blogs with her heart, these words made me blush, smile and grin from ear to ear (LOL). Indeed, sweet, kind and sincere words make us feel good inside and out.

However, if I were to vote on her "best post" for blankpixels' contest, I believe I should vote on a post that's not totally about me. I'm talking about her mushy post last August where she talks about her ideal man - her husband. At first, this came as a surprise to me because I once had the impression that she would not write things about this nature but then I realized later that she had already updated the header of her blog to reveal that she's blogging with her heart. :-) I'd like to highlight this as her best post because I love to read posts about love and declarations of love. Being the mushy woman that I am, I can very well relate to her ideal man post. :-)

But of course, this is just my opinion. If you think otherwise, I suggest you check out her archives to find your own best post. :-)

Okay, let me just disclose that this is my official entry to blankpixels' Thirty on 30 Fave Sponsor's Post. Now, this may be an entry to a contest but I am definitely writing this from the wholeness of my heart. :-)

My friends, you still have a lot of time to join blankpixels' contest (contest ends on November 30). I'd like to invite you all to join. Just check out the link above to know more about the contest details and prizes. :-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

prelude to changes in my life

I really think I'm getting older. I know my birthday will be in the next few days but that's not the only reason why I feel like I am getting older than I was before.

Lately, I have noticed these things about myself:

  • I watch and read a lot of news. No more horoscopes and stargazing :-)
  • I'm beginning to become forgetful and I have this tendency to repeat myself that if people were like the Wordpress comment notification, they're likely to tell me "it looks like you've already said that!"... Oh, my bad, I'm sorry!
  • I don't use my cellphone that much anymore like I used to. SMS has taken a back seat. I realized that cellphone load is an expense - so I have cut down on that SMS habit. This may also be the reason why I'm not getting messages from friends anymore. LOL. Thank God there's still Facebook.

More importantly, now that I am getting older, I have gone through some changes in my life - MAJOR changes! And I'm going to reveal some of them on my succeeding posts.

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