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Saturday, November 10, 2012

married life - how's your listening skills?

Many times I wonder if there is really some truth to that thing called "7-year itch" in marriage. I heard it is that stage when couples will purportedly experience too much familiarity with each other that would somehow cause a serious stir in their relationship. Like most people, that is not something that I look forward to happening in the next 2 years. Of course, I would like to believe that there is no such thing as a "7-year itch".

Without sounding too presumptuous, I asked someone I know who's been married for more than 20 years if she has experienced that stage of her married life, although I am aware that not all marriages/relationships are the same. She kind of told me that it's normal for couples to have differences despite the love they have for each other. She told me that right now, though, the challenges in their married life started popping up again now that her husband appears to have lost the sharpness of his hearing. Many times, their arguments stem from the partner's inability to hear accurately and would often result to misunderstandings and unhealthy communication. I told her if the partner's hearing deficiency is the only thing that's upsetting their married life, they might want to seek the help of a hearing specialist. Her husband doesn't have to go through all that difficulty of hearing especially now that there are already affordable digital hearing aids in the marketplace. I also thought that helping her husband improve his hearing abilities would help him bring back the esteem that he unconsciously lost as he tries to hide this impairment from his friends by simply not seeing or talking to them. Good to know she took my advice well and is now looking to get a hearing device as a Christmas present for the husband but only after seeing a specialist first.

An old picture of us :-)

Anyway, while reflecting on our marriage, I thought we were doing good so far as a couple of five years. Overall, there were no major fights and no major arguments - just some pretty occasional minor differences that are not even worth dwelling upon. Indeed, it takes patience, understanding and respect to keep marriage or any relationship healthy. Hearing or listening to what a husband or wife is saying is important. In fact, there are also times where you need to be a little more sensitive about the things your partner may not be telling you. I do hope to keep our marriage healthy like it is and has been. I know we can do this if we continue to support one another and to keep our spiritual life healthy. With God in our midst, I know we can remain strong and not give up on each other.

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