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children and politics

In lieu of the upcoming May 2010 Elections in the Philippines, I thought it would be timely to share this politics anecdote that my mom had wrote in her journal: Did You Or Didn't You ? My husband had run as a candidate in our barangay. Once in a while we got misunderstandings because even then we almost lost our privacy. Now and then, even if we slept, someone knocked on our doors. Others came when we were very busy...just to ask donations and others... quite intentional during the campaign period. "You've not yet seated, you have already too many commitments, how much more if you're elected!" was my comment, shared by my eldest daughter, a 17-year old college student. "Never mind, we, our party agreed to give!" was his reply. After the election, he landed almost at the bottom. In short, he wasn't elected. Since I was not unhappy , my children looked at me with a suspecting eye, " Mom, did you vote for Dad?" :-)