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Sunday, November 27, 2011

written over a cup of coffee (note to self)

Change. We all want to change for the better but, at times, it is such a struggle to be able to successfully do so; but once you finally found the courage to take the first step towards the process of "change", everything else will soon follow... hopefully, with God's will and guidance. However, it is always possible to find yourself falling into the trap of going back to the previous state you are in. You might feel tired about your failed attempts at changing because you would always find yourself back at square one rather than progressing towards the finish line. And you will then start to wonder and ask yourself, "Why did I mess it up, again?" Of course, it is easy to figure out why you failed because you will be able to assess the consequences of your failed attempts. On the brighter side, you can always start again - 'more intelligently', as Henry Ford puts it.

Today, with the help of God, I am changing. I am starting again more intelligently today. No more procrastination this time. And if I should go back to square one and try again with a different approach, I will not complain and happily do so. After all, this walk through life gets more and more exciting when I have trials and failures to overcome.

Really now? Hehehe :-)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the changes in my life

I used to be this thin!
What was going on with me?
I've gained a lot of weight and it started when I got pregnant. Losing weight has been so DIFFICULT to do even if it's been more than a year and a half since I've delivered our little girl to this world. I didn't think I can still attribute this to post maternal weight anymore. I believe this has something to do with not watching my appetite (I am a sucker for rice) and not moving a lot because I have focused on my sedentary job and other things that keep me longer on the computer.

How did this change affect me?
To tell you the truth, I didn't like the change I see in my body. I wasn't feeling really good about myself before just looking at my still bulging belly in the mirror. I didn't like it that nothing I have in my closet that I would wear would look good on me. I thought that was already enough to badly injure me and my self-esteem. But there was more.

Who encouraged me to change?
Because of how unfit my body looks, husband would sometimes tease me about it so that I would be encouraged to do a regular routine of exercise with him. My husband was forgiving about the way I look but he was really concerned about my health because lately I've been feeling a lot of aches and pains in my body. He said that if I were only a few pounds off my weight, I wouldn't be feeling these aches and pains.

Also, I really couldn't help others from noticing how bad I look now, physically. Sometimes, I would rather that they just keep their thoughts to themselves rather than commenting something about my weight which I already know about. You know truth really hurts. And there are comments from people we can take - depends on how they are delivered.

I also got an advice from someone I really look up to – my mom's sister. She told me privately (via email) after looking at my recent pics that I should try to lose weight because our family has history of hypertension (mom died of brain aneurysm triggered by high blood pressure).

A work in progress
I have taken my aunt's advice to:
1. Make time to walk 30 minutes a day;
2. Limit on rice, carbs, sweets, etc.
3. No sodas or fruit juices, just water!
4. Stay healthy and pretty for myself and hubby.

I just hope I'd be able to stick to this healthy route. It will be my birthday tomorrow. :-)

This is my official entry to blankpixels' Thirty on 30 Changes In My Life Blog Contest.

Monday, November 8, 2010

prelude to changes in my life

I really think I'm getting older. I know my birthday will be in the next few days but that's not the only reason why I feel like I am getting older than I was before.

Lately, I have noticed these things about myself:

  • I watch and read a lot of news. No more horoscopes and stargazing :-)
  • I'm beginning to become forgetful and I have this tendency to repeat myself that if people were like the Wordpress comment notification, they're likely to tell me "it looks like you've already said that!"... Oh, my bad, I'm sorry!
  • I don't use my cellphone that much anymore like I used to. SMS has taken a back seat. I realized that cellphone load is an expense - so I have cut down on that SMS habit. This may also be the reason why I'm not getting messages from friends anymore. LOL. Thank God there's still Facebook.

More importantly, now that I am getting older, I have gone through some changes in my life - MAJOR changes! And I'm going to reveal some of them on my succeeding posts.

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