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relief mission in a special town

When I learned that the company I work for chose to organize relief mission in Medellin, Cebu, I felt very happy. It's not that other towns/provinces affected by Typhoon Yolanda are less worthy of receiving help because I knew a lot of areas really need all the help they can get. However, this town is quite special to me because that's the town where my dad is. As far as their specific area is concerned, dad told me that they're okay - only that houses needed repair and their electrical wiring needed to be cleared so that they can have electricity back. It was also good to know that their company offered to release half of their 13th month pay but only if they wish to. I would have wanted to go with the troop when they went there on a Saturday but I have a work deadline to meet that day, so it seemed imperative to stay behind and just go with them in spirit. :-) Although I already knew they're not going to be at the barangay where my dad belongs, I am still very h