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Friday, May 31, 2013

a late post about my mom's birthday

the happiest moment with mom
I thought I need to write one last post for the last day of May in honor of my late mom. This day happens to be her birthday until we learned later from one piece of legal document she had that her birthday actually fell on the 30th. I was already in high school when she declared that her real birthday is on the 30th and not the 31st. I was told my late grandfather and grandmother used to argue about these dates, too. I am not exactly sure about this confusion on her birthday. It wasn't really a big deal for her, though, since she can celebrate it on the 30th or on the next day.

Losing my mom was perhaps the most painful experience I've encountered so far in my life. I thought I still had a lot of time to be with her. I thought there's still time for her to be able to hold and cuddle her very first granddaughter. Unfortunately, God took her away from me just barely two months after my wedding. Oh, you can just imagine the extreme shift of emotions I had from the time of our wedding and the time when we lost her. Anyhow, time has it's own way of letting us cope with the pain of losing someone you really love. As the years went by, I have learned to embrace the fact that she's happier somewhere up there and that I should be happy as well because she didn't suffer long enough from her sickness. And although she's not physically here now, I can still connect to her when I think of her and the mother-daughter moments we had when she was alive. I miss all those moments with mommy because I can tell her almost anything. As for other things, she would look them up on my diary. :-) Oh mom, you can sneak up on every bit of my life now without having to read parts of my blog or my diary.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

turned 4 last month

I know I should have blogged about her birthday sooner but I didn't realize we have already moved to the month of April. Anyway, it still feels like we have just celebrated our little girl's fourth birthday. After all, it's only been a couple of weeks ago. Her birthday fell on a workday but it was just so timely that our workload in the office had been quite manageable that we didn't find it really hard to negotiate with our bosses and to arrange for different work schedule that will make ourselves available on her special day.

Anyway,  we didn't really throw her a children's party. After all, everyone else is working. Thus, husband and I decided to just celebrate it the simplest way we could. That day started by going to church to attend the thanksgiving mass we offered on the occasion of her birthday. At home, I just cooked spaghetti and ordered a  birthday cake for her.

 As our birthday present, we bought her a kiddie bike - something she had been asking for the last three months. She was so happy that she didn't forget to thank us for the gift.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

it's rock star brother's birthday

I just noticed the date today - it's my rock star brother's birthday! Somehow, I felt guilty because I wasn't very nice to him when we communicated via Yahoo Messenger today and I totally forgot about his birthday. Had I realized earlier that his birthday is coming, I would have avoided being in an argument with him over something. Anyhow, I'm looking for something to make it up on him. I guess one of those excellent guitars for rock stars should be a good peace offering, right? Surely, he would love to create and play good music with it. Oh, how I would love to  support him as a musician! I'll see if he is still with his band and if my funds are already enough to cover the purchase; otherwise, I would have to call and greet him, instead. :-) Happy birthday, brother! You rock!

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