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addressing a problem with utility bill

The other day, a friend shared with me her problem with their electricity bill lately. It appears that they're paying thrice the amount that we are paying on a monthly basis, although their provider is from a different electric company. Moreover, we cannot really compare the amount they are paying for electricity over ours because we also do not have the same monthly consumption. She said they're paying such an exorbitant amount considering that there are only four of them living in the house (the hired help included). However, when she mentioned that they are using motorized water pump for their water needs, I told her maybe that's the reason why their electric consumption is so high. I suggested that since they've been using their pumps for many years, they might want to have it checked for problems. She also acknowledged they've been having technical problems with it lately. A lot of times they would need to call a repairman to fix it and get it to