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the many faces of my baby

This is Dipdip when she's serious... This is Dipdip when she's in a good mood... But when she's irked and angry, BEWARE.... You're gonna be sorry you made her angry... (although you can take the safety precaution of protecting your eardrums ahead of time) She was so angry that she was at the top of her lungs shouting and blurting out a few syllables. Notice her clenching her fist, too. Her Ate Virgie (the nanny) jokingly teased her by snatching away her favorite stuffed toy.  Poor baby . And her mama, instead of stopping Ate Virgie from teasing her, took these shots! Sorry baby. Just wanted to have some souvenir shots (er, video turned photos--camera is still sick). It won't happen again. :-)

my little DipDip changes color

here's a little update on my little princess. lately, our sweet pauline's skin color has changed. i don't know how it happened but i suspected she had too much exposure to sunlight. her nanny seems to have overdone the "sunshine" thing as i once caught her still walking the baby outdoors even when it's past 8 a.m. i'm not sure about this though. this can also be her "true" color, the "morena" effect. hmmm pretty soon she'll have the makings of a ms. universe hahaha i must be dreaming... check out her before and after pictures. DipDip at 4 weeks DipDip at 6 weeks My oh my, she's only less than two months old but look at her " siopao " face. LOL