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another act of kindness

I didn't expect to experience another act of kindness last week. When it was time for me to go home from work, I was quite thankful I was offered a ride from someone who lives just almost close to home. This is such a big thing for me as I thought I'm going to have to commute and to wait patiently for my turn to get a ride via a V-Hire service in SM. I was pretty much hoping and praying that I'll reach home earlier than usual since my daughter wasn't feeling quite well. I am genuinely thankful for this person - he could have chosen not to bother to ask but he did because he knew, if I had to commute, it's going to take me long to get home because of traffic. It was like the Lord has moved this person to ask me if I need a lift. Truly, God is amazing.

what our daughter would need pretty soon

Ever since Dippy started school, we always see to it that we have the time to help her with her projects and assignments. So far, we're doing better. All the three of us are quite a team. One thing we did not anticipate, though, was the probability of having to work on a project which needed to be submitted in the morning. There wouldn't have been a problem with it if we were able to check her assignment notebook right after she came home from school. However, we only saw it in the later afternoon since we thought her assignments are only about writing. Thus, when the project required some printing, we were almost clueless on what to do since we don't have a printer. Just when we were about to go and inquire from a computer shop nearby about their overnight printing service, I suddenly remembered we have a neighbor/ex-officemate who owns a printer. Thankfully, this neighbor was still online and all it took was a quick chat with him before we sent him the project to be prin