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what better way to come back...

than to say.. Happy 4th of July to my friends and relatives from different states of America... As far as I can remember, I have friends and relatives from the following states: Florida - oh, bchai should be one of these people New Jersey - my aunt and her family lives there Washington - a nurse friend lives and works there (with family) Texas - another childhood friend..(I haven't seen her for ages until one day I got an FB message and was surprised to see pictures of how beautiful and sexy she has turned out over the years that we hadn't seen her.. She used to be so boyish back then). California - another nurse friend works there Nebraska - Is that where you're from, Andrea? Hmmm, I guess I'm having mental blockout. I could not go on. I forgot all the other states where my friends are at. I guess I should really do better than this. On another important note, July 4th is also Philippine-American Friendship Day . So I guess, in some way, we're one w