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here comes October Special!

It's funny how you end up getting too busy to blog lately despite wanting to do so, yet find yourself checking out the link to an old post of a blogger friend during a lunch break, and then find yourself or your alter ego being mentioned in the post ( A Tag from Shengkay ) you are reading.  This, by the way, showed up on her 'feedjit live' widget of her blog about a week ago. I originally intended to publish this post before September would have ended; but lo and behold, it is already October! :-) Thank you brother Jason for this photo :-) So, after a year of being tagged, here are my quick answers to the questions: 1. Do you think you’re hot? A lot of people say I am, which is why I am "forced" to think that way. LOL! Seriously, I am! :-) 2. Upload a picture or wallpaper that you’re using at the moment. 3. Talk about the picture. The little girl in the picture is my daughter. She inspires me to work harder. All weariness goes away when