If you'd like to know what question I considered to be the hardest to answer - that would be a question that would require me to tell something about myself. It's not that I don't know anything about myself. It's just that I get too conscious about telling my story for two reasons: 1) you might not like to hear what I have to say; and  2) you might expect more from my answers but hey I'm not going to tell everything.

Here are 25 random things about myself that you probably are not aware of yet and hopefully it will help you to get to know me more and better. :-)

1. I always describe myself as plain simple. Not hard to get along with.

2. But sometimes I'm a walking contradiction of #1. In times like this, please proceed to #3. :-)

3. I am no longer into horoscopes but as a Scorpio (LOL), I must agree I may seem mysterious to other people.

4. I am a sucker for teleseryes. And I cry when my favorite character cries. In short, I am a drama queen?

5. I don't like people who are fond of throwing bad jokes at people but when it is their turn on the grill, they would take it against you.

6. If you talk to me about politics, I'll find you boring. Just wake me up when you're done. Oh, can we just talk about the weather, instead? *yawn*

7. People who know me better know that I'll deal with the most difficult person this planet can ever have with my best tolerance. However, they already know that since I am no longer into horoscopes (refer to #3), I believe that scorpions can sting, too, when they are provoked. Scared? LOL

8. If you are my friend, I'd want to keep you forever. I may find new ones but old friends, except when they would like to dissolve the friendship for some reason, are gold friends.

9. At a very young age of 6, my mom taught me how to say The Greatest Salesman Prayer. It was a very long prayer found in one of the scrolls in The Greatest Salesman In The World book of Og Mandino. Mom had taped her voice with the Greatest Salesman prayer and everyday she would play the tape over and over again for me and my elder brother to follow and memorize with full enunciation. So, everytime there's a request for me to say the prayer, anyone listening to me would be teary-eyed because I would say it with such eloquence that they would forget I didn't know what that prayer meant.:-)

10. When I was in Elementary, about 7 or 8 years old, somebody accidentally pushed me to a big fish pond in school. I wasn't able to stop myself from falling because I was a little weak - I had slight fever at that time and I didn't expect this being done to me. I was totally wet and dipping with all the fishes and the water lilies I thought I was the mermaid. Thankfully, the school was just right in front of our house, so the little mermaid went home shivering and transformed herself into a wet puppy. After that, I have to deal with a nagging mother - "I told you not to go to school because you have fever! Now what happened to you? Let me know who did that to you!".. Waaaa, of course, I didn't know who did it to me. No one would own up to it.

11. In my childhood years, I'm always visible at our neighbor's house for three things: 1) to read the Tagalog comics they are renting; 2) to watch television (ours needed repair); and 3) to sing (or was it shout?) through the neighbor's karaoke, a popular pastime at that time.

12. There was one time I got a real beating from mom because, for the life of me, I didn't hear her calling my name for the nth time. She needed me to do an errand and that was to buy medicine for my brother who was already shivering from fever. Why didn't I hear her? I was too busy belting out Kuh Ledesma's "Dito Ba?". Thanks to Kuh, I mean our neighbor's karaoke, or my singing prowess, I got whipped by the broom.

13. Still in my childhood days - I had once tricked my elder brother to drink the cooking oil from a bottle of Mountain Dew. He got home thirsty from playing basketball all day; so, I kind of told him that mom spared him a bottle of Mountain Dew. Before I was able to take back my words, he had already drank the cooking oil straight from that bottle. I actually forgot to ask him how it tasted because he was throwing up and would not speak to me for a day or so. I must admit it wasn't a good prank. :-)

14. During high school, I met good friends at school and formed a group "ZYCONJOANIANNE" (pronounced as "zay-con-dyown-yan") and I've enjoyed all the perks of being in a group, especially being the last to get home almost all the time. The rest of the members in the group more or less came from well-to-do families and so I almost felt like I was the odd girl out. But anyway, I love how our friendship blossomed then.

15. I also have a rich friend and classmate by the name of Mitzi (don't tell I wrote about her) and she would sometimes invite me over to her house to have lunch with her so I don't have to go home and spend for the fare during lunch time. At that time, when she comes with us ZYCONJOANIANNE would also be called ZYCONMITZJOANIANNE.

16. It was also during high school when I got involved in useless arguments with classmates when we were fighting over whose Filipino celebrity idols (Sheryl Cruz vs. Jennifer Sevilla) were prettier than the other. It was like a test on who can best defend their idols without getting annoyed. I was/am a die hard Sherylian; so, when a classmate-friend gave a not-so-nice comment about her nose, I've hit back personally at her by commenting on her own nose. I felt so guilty for offending her and making her cry. Anyway, I know I didn't mean what I said about her. She's my friend and she's beautiful. In fact, she later became title holder of a prestigious college pageant.

17. I had fun during high school. That's where the school have officially discovered my thousand voices when I got myself in as a member of a school choir without the need for audition. The basic requirement at that time was that you have to have the guts to open up your mouth and sing. By the way, go back to #12 if you'd like to know when I started having the guts to sing. And got a whipping bonus. :-)

18. When I was in college, I wore high heels (just an inch) to match our blouse and skirt uniform. In one of those freshman days, I made a scene when I slipped my foot in one of the steps of the main stairs that almost sent me rolling down. Thankfully, a classmate was able to take a grip of my hand which has prevented that scenario from happening. Unfortunately, though, I was not able to save my shoe from falling far down below. I thought I was Cinderella for a minute when an Engineering student picked up the shoe and returned it to me. Okay, fine, he didn't get my name and number. And I went absent for a day, hoping they would forget about the slipping Cinderella.

19. I used to be involved in stalking (but not to the point of being vexatious) someone in college. Shhh, now, this is embarrassing. My friend and I usually know he'd drop by at the library (at the Journal section) to read newspaper on a certain time of the day. But hey, we were harmless stalkers! LOL

20. I've been stalked once in college during our intramurals and once when I was working at the first company which hired me. I'm not really pretty but I guess we all have those moments, right? Either you stalk or get stalked. LOL

21. I was a member of a group called the "DG's". DG means "Dagang Guwang" (Translation: Old Maid). Unfortunately (I mean fortunately hehe), I got myself forcely evicted as a member. (No, I wasn't evicted - I resigned!) See reason at #23.

22. When our first employer declared bankruptcy, we (officemates) had a month to hang around together. We were so depressed then that we would spend some drunken and wasted week nights together. Those were my first encounter with a liquor with a horse in the name. I tell you, with my experience on the horse, it wasn't cool to be drunk because I got a slap in the face once from a friend/DG (see #21). Well, for some reason, I unconsciously got even with her when I puked at her aunt's room where she would have to do the cleaning herself. LOL. Anyway, these are memories of the drunken, wasted but fun days. Let me just explain though (just in case my in-laws are reading this, LOL) that I've been sober ever since I got married (defensive).

23. I've been single for like almost forever until I found my soulmate. He found me 2 years after. (song playing in the background: "I know I loved you before I met you") :-)

24. As a corporate employee before, I got myself awarded with "stars" for making it on time. Yes, I've prevented myself from showing up late at work in the nick of time. However, while rushing to make it on time, I hurriedly swiped my ID and ran as fast as I could to report to my department without even realizing that the door which was made of clear (and hard) glass was closed. Next thing I know was that I bumped my precious and intelligent-looking forehead through that door so hard that I literally saw stars in the process! With a swelling forehead and out of embarrassment, I officially declared "fasting" for myself because I didn't want to show up at the cafeteria during break time.

25. Because of #24, I was thankful that I didn't have Barbra Streisand's nose, I could have had a broken nose bridge!

Wow, I couldn't believe I made it to 25!

Let me just add some sort of a disclosure in here that I cannot attest to the accuracy of this post. So, don't swear me in. Nothing I say here should be taken against me. :-)


  1. yay!

    ..hindi nga halata na hindi ka mahilig sa teleserye! hahaha..the way na magkwento ka parang kasing haba ng original na Mara Clara that lasted 5years?..Im sure fan ka rin nun..

    oh by the way, were both Sherylian..hehehe..sa ka-cute-tan nya dun kinuha ang real name ko..

    ..uy trish, i think i deserve to be followed by you ha kasi, I read your full length teleserye title "About Me" hahaha..

    With your Q at my Ruby Tuesday, yes Im from Negros..from City Of Smile. :)

    See you around!


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