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Flowers for Me?

Call it impractical these days but I am still one of those women who loves to receive flowers from loved ones every now and then. They say these flowers won't even last for a week and they will soon wither and end up in the garbage bin, but the instant happiness that a woman feels at the time she received these flowers is worth more than the money that was spent on them. This year, on the day of our wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. I didn't expect to receive one because he is not really the romantic type. He is more of the practical type who would rather spend on food so everyone can eat. :-) After 14 years of marriage, this is no longer an issue to me because I am more than well assured of the love and care that he has given me and our daughter. At that time, I wasn't feeling too well. I guess I caught a bad flu. I guess he knew these flowers could lift my spirit. If that was what he was thinking, then he was right. Because of the flo