Talking About The New Normal

What's the new normal these days? This got me thinking today, and I thought I should make a list.

1. Wearing Masks. Obviously, it's still COVID season, and there's even talks that this virus is here to stay. So definitely, even as we ease into a general community quarantine setting, face masks should already be part of our wardrobe.

2. Social Distancing. How close can we get to each other? Not too close anymore if we don't want to risk ourselves from getting infected from asymptomatic individuals.

3. Work from Home. I'm not sure how many of us can get back to working from traditional work setting but most employers are already looking into this work-from-home setup, especially if commuting to get to their workplace is still a challenge for the employees.

4. Staying at Home. With the non-availability of vaccines for COVID yet, more people would opt to stay at home (even if they're already allowed to) if they have no business with the outside world.

5. Zero Travel Plans. Traveling is no longer part of people's vacation plans. This should take awhile because the government is also implementing travel bans and restrictions.

6. Families Communicating Online. Because of the recent lockdowns, border controls and travel restrictions, most families find it hard to stay in one roof together. Thanks to technology, they are still able to communicate via social media.

7. Kids Not Schooling Yet Anytime Soon. Except for some who can afford to homeschool their kids, some parents are willing to wait for next year or a safer time to let their kids go to school without worrying about a possible COVID infection. After all, the school can wait.

What about you? What's the new normal for you and your family? Anything you can add up to the list? Feel free to comment!


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