Hey, It's Been Awhile Again!

I'm not sure if this blog is worth keeping. I guess "keeping" and "maintaining" are not something I am really good at, in most some areas of my life. I guess it is the same with people and things that you once value and cherish. They come and go. We cannot always keep all of them forever.

I am almost at the point of saying goodbye, and no more holding on.

I guess it is time to create new memories.

Hey, it's been awhile.. But.... Maybe this is goodbye, but I will hang on for awhile, until I am sure there are truly no words to say from this little space.

Shoutout to all the people and things that made me sad and glad. Happy 2020! Cheers to a happier life ahead.


  1. I could relate to this. Sometimes I could go on hibernation mode when it comes to my blogs. The only thing that keeps me from closing my blogs is that I feel bad about letting go of my domain names that are at least a decade old already.

    But recently, because of the boredom from the quarantine, I started blogging again - and enjoying it. I think, I could do this blogging thing again.


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