remembering that jewelry I lost

While commuting on my way home from work, I overheard two passengers talking about their upcoming graduation and how eager they were to attend their Graduation Ball and Ring Hop. They were talking about what to wear to the ball and where they would like to order their class rings from. Someone mentioned that her mom (a nurse abroad) had already ordered at Joy Jewelers and had already scheduled a flight to be with her on her Ring Hop and graduation. How touching! Suddenly, I remembered about my very own class ring which I pawned at a jewelry store (now this is a bit embarrassing) when I was still starting out on my very first job. Oh, I vowed to forget all about it but now I'm accidentally walking down that part of Memory Lane again. I needed extra money then and thought I could get it back within a month or two. Unfortunately, for some reason (and it's a long story which also boils down to financial reasons and a personal choice of priorities), I was not able to redeem it. Nevertheless, if that said class ring would still be with me up until now, I know it would really need some resizing so it would fit my ring finger; although if I were to go back and decide again, I wouldn't let go of my class ring for sentimental reasons. After all, it was my father who paid for it. I told him it would be a great graduation gift for me which he also agreed. How I missed wearing that class ring now! I know I should have cherished and taken cared of it. I would have thought of other ways other than leaving it unclaimed at the jewelry store. Anyway, as my husband was always telling me, there's no room for regrets. That's just jewelry and I already learned my lesson after that. I'll just wish my co-passengers well on their graduation and hope that they will be able to get their dream jobs afterwards.


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